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QSR: Cinnaholic Grew Footprint Nearly 80 Percent in 2018 Already
QSR: Cinnaholic Grew Footprint Nearly 80 Percent in 2018 Already
The vegan bakery franchise aligns with today's conscious consumer.

Cinnaholic started 2018 with 76 locations, but as it closes out the second quarter, the cinnamon roll franchise has 136 locations in development. QSR noted that Cinnaholic gained national attention after it's 2014 appearance on "Shark Tank" and most-recently was listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top New Franchises of 2018” list.

“To say we’re ‘on a roll’ is an understatement,” says Florian Radke, co-founder of Cinnaholic. “This has been an incredible growth-year for us—and we’re only half-way through. After proving our concept to be a hit with consumers, franchisees and industry insiders, we’ve been able to significantly grow the Cinnaholic footprint and become a highly sought-after franchise opportunity, both at home and internationally.”

Due to the low cost of owning and operating and small footprint, the brand has its sights set on growth across the U.S particularly throughout California, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Washington D.C. 

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Photo courtesy of Cinnaholic's Facebook page