Dollar General Targets Wealthier Customers with New Items
Dollar General Targets Wealthier Customers with New Items

The brand is adding higher-margin home goods while cultivating a treasure-hunting feel.

Dollar General is introducing a new line of merchandise to encourage core customers to spend more—and to attract a wealthier segment of the population, according to CNN Business. 

Low-margin food, cleaning supplies and personal care sundries account for more than three-quarters of the brand’s $25 billion in yearly sales. Over the past year, however, Dollar General has added home goods like pillows, candles and decorations as well as gift bags and wrapping paper to more than 1,000 of its stores, drawing attention to the new products with signage and centralized lower shelves. Most of these new items, which will be available in around 15% of its 15,000 stores by the end of the year, cost less than $5.

CNN Business notes that the brand’s new strategy also takes a page out of TJMaxx’s playbook, cultivating a “treasure hunt experience” by rotating new products frequently. Dollar General further plans to introduce fresh produce sections, healthier snack options and private-label cosmetics. The brand has even struck up new partnerships with FedEx and Western Union to add daily convenience while potentially bringing in new customers.

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