Dunkin' Franchisees Find Success with MOOYAH
Dunkin' Franchisees Find Success with MOOYAH

The better-burger brand has been invited to attend the doughnut king's national conference this month.

Burgers and doughnuts — these two delicious fixtures of the American diet will come together in Las Vegas late this month.
The national conference for Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners has invited MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes to represent the burger segment at its Sept. 21-22 gathering in glittering Vegas.
Ardag Tachian, the director of development for MOOYAH, a fresh and delicious better-burger brand, said Dunkin’ franchisees who are looking to branch out into other great opportunities are embracing the MOOYAH model.
“Some Dunkin’ franchisees can’t build out any more in their respective areas and are looking for other options. Dunkin’ decided to select one company from each segment: burgers, pizza, frozen yogurt, etc. We are the burger concept and we are excited to spread the good word about MOOYAH,” said Tachian, who will attend the conference. “MOOYAH and Dunkin’ together just makes sense. These are great franchisees who know what it takes to be successful. We are eager to present our highly appealing model to them.”
The conference featuring these two great brands brings together many Dunkin’ franchise owners from across the country and presents them with information on a host of issues that threaten to impact Dunkin’ franchisees in every geographic region.
Dunkin’ will have participation from franchise owners in every region, so it can capture the wisdom of long-time franchisees from more established markets and can provide guidance to newer franchisees in emerging markets where they may still be experiencing growing pains. The camaraderie and ability to share stories from behind the counter is a win for all attendees.
“Dunkin’ is a great brand. We’re very pleased to work with them,” Tachian said. 
Anthony D’Amore is one Dunkin’ franchisee who already has branched out and opened a MOOYAH unit. His parents became Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees in 1968 in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Anthony and his cousin Tommy (now his partner in MOOYAH) worked for D’Amore’s parents and then became Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees themselves.
D’Amore began craving a new challenge about six years ago. After meeting MOOYAH representatives at a restaurant and finance show in Las Vegas, his interest was piqued.
“I saw the concept and immediately loved it,” D’Amore said. “But before becoming a part of their system, I wanted to see if the concept had legs and was moving forward. And it clearly is.”
D’Amore is all about quality and being part of a brand that he loves.
“I have to love both the food and the concept behind it for it to be something worth doing,” he said. “What makes MOOYAH unique is the number of options, how customizable everything is, and the fact that it is the one burger brand that gives families everything they need. No other restaurant franchise meets the needs of the whole family the way MOOYAH does.
“On top of all that, MOOYAH has without a doubt the best setup and process for fundraising in the franchise game,” something that is very important to him. “Overall, it just comes down to the love I have for the MOOYAH product and the concept behind it.”