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Dunkin's Adding Some Major Flavor to Its Menu With New Spicy Burrito Bowls

Things are heating up at your local Dunkin’.

We all know that Dunkin’ dominates the doughnut game, but can its new burrito bowls compete with other fast casual Mexican chains? According to Elite Daily, Dunkin’ is about to make your morning coffee runs a little hotter, tangier and tastier.

Mexican food has emerged as a high-performing segment in the world of QSR and fast casual, and restaurant owners are taking note. Dunkin’ has satisfied customers’ sweet teeth for years with its glazed Munchkins and chocolate Long Johns, but now America’s favorite coffee chain is going to have you craving its savory burrito bowls. Or so it hopes.

Customers will be able to load black beans, cheese, veggies, grains and chorizo on the egg-based bowls. The Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl and Chorizo Bowl are now available for commuters and coffee-drinkers nationwide. While the burrito bowls are catered to the breakfast crowd, if the draw works, who knows?  Dunkin’ might give Chipotle a run for its money—if The Bowl Fiasco of 2019 doesn’t do it first.  

Along with its burrito bowls, Dunkin’ also recently released a new line of autumn-infused drinks for all the pumpkin-spice addicts.

Let’s face it––Dunkin’ gives the people what they want.