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Emerging Laundromat Franchise LaundroLab Awards First Franchise License in Massachusetts

Bill Shean, a Boston-based entrepreneur and money manager, signed on for a one-unit agreement to bring the brand to his home city after recognizing an unmet demand for convenient laundromat services.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 07/15/22

Emerging and disruptive laundromat franchise LaundroLab has taken the laundromat industry by storm by introducing a welcoming environment to an often-overlooked consumer experience. Now, the brand is set to launch in Boston, spearheaded by local money manager Bill Shean.

Shean has served as a professional money manager for more than 30 years, and was ready for a change in his professional career. “I think it’s interesting to do something completely different in a new industry,” Shean said. When he decided to open his own business, he came across the LaundroLab franchise opportunity and reached out for more information.

After meeting with LaundroLab cofounders Dan D’Aquisto and Alex Smereczniak at the brand’s headquarters in Charlotte, Shean says he was sold on both the business model and the long-term sustainability of the concept. 

“I felt like it was important to get in on the ground floor and be one of the first franchisees, and that would help capture the knowledge and the base to expand over time,” Shean said. “Dan and Alex have been making it happen in the laundry industry for more than a decade, and I was so impressed after meeting with them for the first time.”

Shean added that the comprehensive assistance from LaundroLab executives, paired with a semi-absentee ownership model for franchisees, gave him the confidence that he’d be able to establish himself and get his business off the ground quickly in his Boston community. 

As a life-long Boston resident, Shean says he knew his city was in desperate need of a better laundromat experience. “Boston is kind of old-fashioned,” he said. “There are a lot of tight neighborhoods as it’s an older city that has been developed, and this is a great opportunity because most of the folks that utilize laundromats are within a couple of miles of the actual location. They don't drive 15 minutes to find a laundromat — they drive two minutes.”

Smereczniak said the greater New England region is also capable of serious brand development, as the Boston market alone is equipped to handle a projected 20 units. “There is a high concentration of people in areas where people might not be able to have their own laundry equipment,” he said. “They deserve a great experience, and we’re looking forward to delivering that quality service.”

Now, Shean’s primary focus is to first establish one unit in Boston, but he is open to further expansion as the brand gains traction in a new city. “It’s a far more pleasant experience than what a lot of laundromat customers are used to,” Shean said, “and I think it’s a great concept in a city that can really use it. We've had a lot of support so far.”

While Shean’s franchise will be the first in Boston, LaundroLab is further developing its franchising presence in the Northeast with a unit in Burlington, Vermont, led by franchisee Peter Delp

Looking ahead, Smereczniak says the LaundroLab team is targeting cities like Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tampa, Houston, Miami and Nashville for continued franchise growth, with the ultimate goal of doubling or tripling its number of locations in the next few years.

“We believe there is a market for our brand virtually everywhere,” said Smereczniak. “We are thrilled to welcome Bill to the LaundroLab family and are eager to partner with similarly qualified franchisees across the country to help take the brand to the next level and bring these services to the people who need them most.”

The start-up costs for a new LaundroLab franchise ranges from $321,000-$483,000. For more information on franchising, visit