Entrepreneur: After a Life as Refugees, This Entrepreneur Family Has No Fear
Entrepreneur: After a Life as Refugees, This Entrepreneur Family Has No Fear

From a refugee camp to becoming franchise owners, Hao and Lisa Lam are now living the American Dream.

Hao and Lisa Lam have come a long way together since meeting at a refugee camp in the Philippines after escaping Vietnam. Since overcoming many obstacles, the couple has grown their Best in Class Education Center franchise fleet to almost 30 units across the country.

"Having a tutoring business as a refugee is super difficult. Learning the language and now being able to teach and lead a team has taught me a lot," Hao told Entrepreneur.

After 15 years working for a tutoring service, Hao decided to spend all of his savings into building a franchise. When the licensor retired, Hao purchased the tutoring business. He hired an attorney and turned the business into a franchise.

"I spent all my savings. I knew if I had a really solid and good system my business would take off," Hao told Entrepreneur.

Lisa has also achieved a lot since arriving in the U.S. and making it as a social worker in New York. Now, she manages the brand's Seattle center and helps low-income families pay for tutoring services and college tuition.

“I am grateful for my business,” Lisa told Entrepreneur. “I get to help low-income students. I want to manage a center because I get to help students, and nothing else brings me more joy."

Having personally achieved their own American Dream, the couple encourages everyone to take risks.

"Do what you're passionate about,” Hao told Entrepreneur. “Don't be afraid of failure. Being [in America] is already heaven. That's why we are willing to take risks and to contribute. We are blessed every morning to be in a great country. This is a country of opportunity.”

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