Expert Fitness and Personal Training Franchise GYMGUYZ Opens First Location in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Expert Fitness and Personal Training Franchise GYMGUYZ Opens First Location in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mobile fitness brand expands in home state, bringing personal training to more neighborhoods.

GYMGUYZ, the mobile fitness and personal-training brand, is proud to announce its expansion in New York City with an opening in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. Spearheaded by New York natives and fitness buffs Melayne Furer, Robin Hjalte and her son Michael Hjalte, the location will open June 1 as the first of its kind in Brooklyn.

“We’ve seen tremendous success with our GYMGUYZ locations on Long Island, and Melayne, Robin and Michael are passionate franchisees who are the perfect fit to expand the brand in Brooklyn,” said Josh York, Founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ. “We are a brand born out of New York, and this expansion will help us establish an even stronger foothold in our home state as we continue growing.”

Robin Hjalte learned about GYMGUYZ at her chiropractor’s office, where she overheard a conversation about a new health concept hitting the city. After inquiring about the brand and doing her research, she brought the idea to her son, Michael, whose interest in health and fitness made him the perfect candidate to join the team as a trainer. Robin Hjalte then recruited her best friend, Melayne Furer, to join them as a franchisee. The trio’s goal is to promote a healthier, active lifestyle to community members and be an inspiration to those looking to better their lives through fitness. While Melayne Furer and Michael Hjalte will be more client-facing as franchisees, Robin Hjalte will be responsible for operations.

After their flagship location is open, the business partners would like to expand their reach with three additional locations in Brooklyn.

“Robin and I both have business backgrounds while Michael is dedicated to staying active; with this combination, GYMGUYZ proves to be the ideal opportunity for us,” said Melayne. “As natives of New York, we want to impact our community in a positive way and provide high-quality personal training and wellness to our neighbors.”

GYMGUYZ brings state-of-the-art fitness technology, equipment and expertise to the doors of its rapidly growing customer base. Trainers then use their knowledge to structure workouts that will help each client meet his or her individual needs, track their progress and stay motivated over the course of a 15-week program.

The brand’s expansion into Brooklyn, N.Y. validates that the GYMGUYZ business model has proved itself not only convenient but also lucrative. Like-minded individuals with a passion for fitness and business are ideal operators to help expand the GYMGUYZ brand on a national scale while taking control of their own career.

“We’re riding on strong momentum from 2014 as we enter the second quarter of the year, and the transformations we’ve seen in our clients are our motivation to keep moving forward,” said York. “With our dual focus on customized workouts along with a personalized setting of our clients’ choice, we will help fill a fitness void as we continue growing on the East Coast.”

GYMGUYZ shows no signs of slowing down and is currently targeting expansion in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado and Georgia.