How Global Franchise Group is Reaching its Compliance Goals With EZ CERT
How Global Franchise Group is Reaching its Compliance Goals With EZ CERT

Since partnering with the franchise insurance compliance management company, Global Franchise Group has made impressive strides toward total compliance across five of its portfolio brands.

With a franchise portfolio that includes Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery, Hot Dog on a Stick, Pretzelmaker and Round Table Pizza, parent company Global Franchise Group has a lot to keep track of. 

The private equity-backed franchisor currently oversees 1,500 franchised and corporate-owned locations operating in more than 16 countries—and with growth across all of its concepts poised to continue, company leadership was running out of bandwidth to adequately monitor franchisee insurance compliance. Such is the reason why when Global Franchise Group brought on Gina Romaniello as its Director of Development and Legal Administration in the Fall of 2018, one of the first tasks on her agenda was to find a solution for insurance certificate collection and compliance monitoring. 

“I knew I needed a way to create consistency across all of our brands and streamline the process as much as possible,” she said. “I first stumbled upon EZ CERT through a Google search. Shortly after, I connected with another franchise industry vendor with whom I have a strong relationship. During our conversation, the topic of insurance came up, and sure enough, EZ CERT was her insurance compliance solution of choice.”

Feeling confident in her own research after hearing a positive review from the mouth of a trusted vendor, Romaniello reached out to begin a conversation about how EZ CERT could best meet Global Franchise Group’s needs. The partnership between the two companies began not long after.

“Since we didn't have any standard practices in place across our five systems, we really gave EZ CERT a blank canvas to work with,” Romaniello said. “Their team was patient and responsive every step of the way as we got things ramped up, especially when it came to educating our franchisees on the process.”

EZ CERT recognizes that a franchisor’s time is better spent growing the business than it is digging into the weeds of all things insurance, so the company centers its offering around providing them with a comprehensive solution to their compliance and monitoring needs. EZ CERT takes the onus of franchisee communication off of the franchisor, assisting its franchise system in securing any missing coverage to become fully compliant.

“When coverages are missing at the unit-level, both franchisee and the franchisor risk liability,” said EZ CERT president Doug Groves. “We uncover these issues and handle all necessary steps to arrive at the solution, freeing up time and resources for the franchisor to focus on improving their business.”

In less than a year working with EZ CERT, Global Franchise Group is already in the process of onboarding its fifth brand onto the company’s compliance tracking system and is now well on its way to establishing one consolidated contact and system that can be relied upon to track certificates across its entire system. 

“One of the things I love that I didn't anticipate as being so useful is EZ CERT’s dashboard with real-time reporting,” Romaniello said. “At a glance, I have visibility into each brand’s percentage of compliant franchisees and am provided with high-level checkpoints for brands to help achieve better collection.”

As far as the intangible value of Global Franchise Group’s partnership with EZ CERT thus far is concerned, Romaniello was emphatic: “It brings such peace of mind to know that we have true insurance professionals overseeing that critical yet labor-intensive piece of the pie for us so that we can better allocate our resources toward growing our six portfolio brands,” she said. “Because we have such confidence in EZ CERT’s technical ability, subject-matter expertise and communication, we’re all able to work on the business as opposed to in it."

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