Famous Toastery Featured on CNBC as Franchise to Watch in 2016
Famous Toastery Featured on CNBC as Franchise to Watch in 2016

Technomic gives us their top six franchises to watch for next year, and Famous Toastery makes the cut.

This year, franchising has drawn in substantial attention as food giants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s double down on re-franchising their restaurants.

And there’s a good reason why these brands consistently make national headlines—because franchising is a model that works.
“For those with experience or lack of it in foodservice, getting on board with a franchise allows you to have a system in place to market and operate a business, because most people don’t have a clue,” said Technomic President Darren Tristano in a phone interview with CNBC.
As the ins-and-outs of the franchising industry continues to become better understood by the general public, Technomic decided to put together a list of their top franchise businesses—many of which cater to a niche food industry.
“Overall, they tend to be newer, more contemporary restaurants,” said Tristano. “I think better is the singular theme. These restaurants are striving to do a better job—with food, service and experience.”
Founded before toast took an artisanal turn in the last few years, Famous Toastery is one of the six franchises to make the cut. Currently only in the Southeast region of the United States, the chain markets itself as a breakfast and lunch spot with fresh food.