Famous Toastery Plans Aggressive Expansion in Louisville, Kentucky
Famous Toastery Plans Aggressive Expansion in Louisville, Kentucky

The better-breakfast brand is looking for new franchisees in Kentucky’s biggest city

Famous Toastery has seen impressive growth in 2017. The North Carolina-based breakfast and lunch franchise has 23 locations with plans to open another six before the year’s end. The brand now has over 20 restaurants, with locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia. In the next phase of its expansion efforts, Famous Toastery is now preparing to open a batch of new restaurants in the Louisville, Kentucky market.

Famous Toastery’s founder and CEO, Robert Maynard, said he has high expectations for his brand in the Louisville area.

“Famous Toastery is a family-oriented restaurant, and Louisville is a very family-oriented city,” said Maynard. “We’re not a grab-and-go shop where we are rushing people in and out the door at lunchtime. People come to us for a delicious breakfast or lunch with their friends or family, so we are focused on great food and impeccable service. That’s going to be very received in Louisville.”

David Burgess, Famous Toastery’s director of corporate and franchise operations, noted that the franchise is filling a gap not just in Louisville, but in the entire restaurant industry.

“The better-breakfast industry doesn’t quite exist yet,” Burgess said. “We’re really leading the charge and setting our own pace. That gives us an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor and set trends that will be followed for years to come.”

Burgess is no stranger to brand expansion. The former East Coast senior manager for California Pizza Kitchen spearheaded much of that brand’s regional expansion efforts, eventually overseeing 100 restaurants. Now, he sees Famous Toastery as a franchise that is poised to expand rapidly throughout the U.S., noting the brand’s commitment to a high quality of service as a high-upside differentiator in the industry.

“Our ‘Every Server is Your Server’ mentality is what we live and breathe,” said Burgess. “It’s completely ingrained in our DNA and culture across the entire Famous Toastery system. That kind of environment is something other restaurant brands struggle to attain, but because it’s an essential part of the Famous Toastery model, we’re already in a perfect position to grow.”

Maynard explained that Louisville was not chosen at random to host the brand’s next slate of openings. The city’s population of over 600,000 predominantly middle- and working-class permanent residents make it particularly well suited to foster the kind of growth Famous Toastery is currently focused on.

“Our ongoing efforts to expand through franchising have been successful because we’re focused on strategic growth,” said Maynard. “We don’t want to open up locations just for the sake of it; we’re partnering with the right owners in areas where we know that the Famous Toastery model will really take off.”

Maynard believes that the right owners exist in Louisville, and he is looking forward to growing the brand with partners that really want an exciting restaurant opportunity with a lifestyle brand.

“We’ve got a great concept and an established model,” said Maynard. “All it takes to run is some ambition and a passion for the brand. I know we’re going to find some great owners in Louisville, and I’m excited to work with them.”

Startup costs to open a Famous Toastery range from $601,500 to $1,044,000. To learn more about franchising opportunities, click here.