Leading Better Breakfast Brand Famous Toastery to Saturate the Southeastern U.S.
Leading Better Breakfast Brand Famous Toastery to Saturate the Southeastern U.S.

The North Carolina-based brand is planning to open new locations across the region in 2017.

Since opening up its doors for the first time in North Carolina back in 2005, Famous Toastery has gone from one hit restaurant to a rapidly growing franchise system made up of nearly 20 locations. And the brand isn’t done growing yet—Famous Toastery has its sights set on saturating the Southeastern region of the U.S. in 2017.

With franchises already operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida, the brand has a long history of experiencing success throughout the region. The brand’s unique concept consistently draws customers in—Famous Toastery makes all of its food as its ordered, and even flies fresh lobster to all of its locations every single day. And consumers never need to worry about tracking down their waiter. The brand operates under an “every server is your server” mentality, meaning that every one of its employees works to make every customer’s experience an enjoyable one.

That’s what continues to set Famous Toastery apart from the competition in the increasingly crowded better breakfast segment of the restaurant industry. And according to franchisee Jim Buchanan, the brand’s model will continue to drive its development in the future.

“Famous Toastery fills a huge void in the restaurant industry—the better breakfast segment is severely underserved. Between our commitment to providing the best customer service and our menu items that are prepared fresh every single day, there isn’t another brand that can match our level of quality,” said Buchanan, one of Famous Toastery’s multi-unit franchisees based in North Carolina. “We’re innovating in a segment that’s been stagnant for too long, and consumers are catching on.”

Consumers aren’t the only ones catching on to Famous Toastery’s proven concept. The brand is also working with a large number of franchisees who want to bring the restaurant to their own local communities. By partnering with Famous Toastery, prospective business owners gain access to the brand’s support system that’s made up of both corporate team members and franchisees. Famous Toastery also provides its owners with the tools and resources that they need to grow their businesses and be successful, including marketing tactics and model business plans.  

Famous Toastery is actively looking for franchisees to grow with the brand across the Southeast. Startup costs typically range from $421,000 to $1,085,080, including a $65,000 franchise fee.

“Saturating Southeastern states is a natural next step for the Famous Toastery brand since we were founded in North Carolina. Expanding in the region also gives us the opportunity to work closely with franchisees who sign on to open up their own restaurant. That’s not something we take for granted—we want to be as hands on and available as possible throughout the entire process,” said Robert Maynard, founder and CEO of Famous Toastery. “Our model has proven itself time and time again in the Southeast, and we’re confident that new restaurants opening up their doors in the region will experience that same level of success.” 

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