Top Five Reasons to Buy a Famous Toastery Franchise
Top Five Reasons to Buy a Famous Toastery Franchise

With a quality offering that puts it at the forefront of the fast-growing better breakfast segment, it’s no wonder Famous Toastery’s franchise opportunity is so alluring.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based better breakfast, brunch and lunch concept Famous Toastery is a competitive franchise opportunity for many reasons, chief among them the chance to grow within a high-demand market segment while still maintaining flexibility in one’s personal life. Coupled with a high-quality, delicious offering and solid unit-level economics, it's clear why the award-winning brand is poised for growth in 2019.

While there are countless advantages to joining the Famous Toastery franchise system, here are the top five reasons to buy.

Lifestyle Brand

With a menu that only includes breakfast and lunch fare, Famous Toastery’s operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. local time. This allows franchisees and their employees to be home by 4 p.m. every day, avoiding the late-night lifestyle that accompanies most of the other opportunities in the full-service restaurant category.

In the ever-elusive pursuit of work-life balance, Famous Toastery delivers the best of both worlds to its franchisees.

Fast-growing segment

In 2018, Famous Toastery grew by 25 percent, going from 29 locations to 35. Prospective business owners looking to take advantage of a fast-growing space should look no further than Famous Toastery due to the rising popularity the better breakfast segment is experiencing. By focusing its efforts on executing one thing extremely well, Famous Toastery has developed unparalleled industry expertise in a segment that is only going to keep growing.

Scratch kitchen that never sacrifices quality

Famous Toastery’s scratch kitchen known for its specials and enduring quality is a perennial draw for customers seeking better-for-you food options. As society becomes more and more health conscious (and brunch-loving), the brand’s offering becomes that much more enticing.

“After people experience our made-from-scratch kitchen specials for themselves, those fresh, premium ingredients catch their attention,” said Famous Toastery founder and CEO Robert Maynard. “We’re constantly getting inquiries from people looking to open their own location based on their own dining experience in our restaurants.”

Tasty product

With a dense menu that has featured a perfect mixture of classic and innovative breakfast dishes for over a decade, Famous Toastery’s food is bar none. The brand’s emphasis on its high-quality product offering coupled with a customer-centric dining experience means that franchisees are operating a business positioned for lasting success.

“We pride ourselves on consistent menu innovation,” Maynard said. “The fact that customers know they’ll be able to try something new when they sit down at one of our restaurants has become an essential part of our brand.”

High revenue potential

Famous Tosatery operates on a proven franchise model that has been time-tested and refined over the last 14 years, leading to impressive results. In conjunction with real estate assistance, an extensive new owner training program and ongoing franchisee support, the brand’s system is structured to bring passionate, motivated business owners success from the moment they open their doors.

Relatively low start-up costs in the full-service restaurant segment coupled with solid unit-level economics make Famous Toaster a lucrative opportunity for prospective franchisees.

“We have seen franchisees experience a huge opening with continued sales that are hard to believe,” Maynard said. “Strong operators with a restaurant background can do really well in this concept, and with our two first franchisees continuing to expand, that kind of speaks for itself.”

Start-up costs to open a Famous Toastery vary from market to market, based primarily on the cost of real estate. The overall investment ranges from $414,500 to $600,500 and up, which includes a one-time franchise fee of $40,000.