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Father-Daughter Franchisees: Chuck and Cat Klingsick’s Journey with Dog Training Elite

Chuck Klingsick and his daughter, Cat, have combined their expertise and shared love of dogs to open a Dog Training Elite franchise in Kansas City, Missouri.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 06/16/24

Since 2021, Chuck Klingsick and his daughter, Cat, have been in business together as the owners of a Dog Training Elite* franchise in Kansas City, Missouri. Together, they saw an opportunity to combine their expertise and shared love of dogs with Dog Training Elite, a leading obedience and specialized training franchise with nearly 250 locations nationwide. 

1851 Franchise sat down with Chuck to discuss his journey into franchising and the day-to-day of being in business with his daughter.

Turning Challenge Into Passion

Five years ago, Chuck faced a significant challenge when he lost sight in his right eye, which led him to take time off of work. This didn’t stop him; instead, it inspired a new passion, and Chuck trained his own dog to be a service dog. 

When he was ready to go back to work, Chuck found that the idea of returning to an IT career just didn’t excite him anymore. Instead, he talked to a franchise coach who suggested several franchise opportunities, including Dog Training Elite. Chuck thought it was a great fit, especially since Cat had been working at a vet clinic for several years.

“I asked Cat what she thought about dog training, and she was all for it,” Chuck said. With their shared love for dogs, they decided to go for it, and they’ve been training dogs together ever since, including service dogs that assist people with disabilities.

“Training service dogs is incredibly rewarding,” Chuck said. “It's amazing to see the difference these dogs can make in people's lives.”

The Perks of Working Together

No two days are the same for Chuck and Cat. Cat focuses on training the dogs, while Chuck handles acquiring new clients and managing the business. Their workday, which runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., is filled with client meetings, training sessions and more. 

Despite their busy schedules, they find time to catch up throughout the day, sharing updates and discussing how things are going. This helps them stay connected and work well together.

One of the biggest perks of working with his daughter, according to Chuck, is getting to see her often. “I get to see her pretty frequently,” he said, “even though we’re not together all day long.” 

These moments together help strengthen their relationship and improve their teamwork. Chuck also feels good knowing that he’s building something he can pass on to Cat when he retires. It gives him peace of mind knowing the business will continue in good hands.

Shared Passion and Clear Roles Lead to Success

For other families thinking about going into business together, Chuck’s advice is to make sure you’re compatible and share a passion for what you’re doing.

“Make sure you’re on the same page,” he advised. For the Klingsicks, their love of dogs and commitment to their clients’ happiness keep them motivated.

He also suggests having clear roles. Right now, Chuck handles the business side so Cat can focus on training. Over time, he plans to gradually pass more responsibilities to her. 

“We're completely in sync as far as our motives and our direction are concerned,” he said. “One of the biggest perks of working together is the satisfaction of knowing that we’re a team. We're growing and it's an exciting journey.” 

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