FDA Holds First Public Hearing on CBD
FDA Holds First Public Hearing on CBD

As the government agency begins reviewing whether or not companies can add CBD to food, beverages and other edible items, restaurant operators should be front and center.

Today, the Food and Drug Administration will hear from approximately 140 different people—from manufacturers to researchers to farmers, retailers and more—regarding everyone’s favorite new compound, CBD.

Since Congress legalized CBD, the compound opposite THC found in marijuana, in December, businesses of all kinds have embraced the fast-growing trend of incorporating it into anything and everything consumable. The FDA’s first public hearing on the matter will put this practice to test, according to CNBC. The agency will dig into the sale of what’s being touted as a “magical elixir” that can reportedly treat everything from inflammation to epilepsy. The FDA currently prohibits companies from adding CBD to food, beverages and dietary supplements.

The article notes that the conversation commencing with this hearing is a significant one for companies of all kinds, including restaurant operators and, by extension, franchises, as research indicates that CBD has the potential to become a $22 billion industry by 2022. As a result of this growth potential, businesses are starting a dialogue with the FDA to change its policies surrounding the inclusion of the compound in consumable products.

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