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Footprints Floors Franchise Provides Hope for a Veteran to Support His Son with Down Syndrome Upon Retirement and Beyond

Muir’s unique narrative includes military service, veteran advocacy and an entrepreneurial desire fueled by his mission to give his family everything they need for a great future.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
7:07AM 04/22/24

David Muir has had a diverse career path from being a machine gunner in the Virginia National Guard to teaching PE, working as a chef and helping others navigate the intricacies of the staffing industry. For the past 17 years, he has helped veterans transition to civilian careers through his role as Senior Vice President with Easterseals' Veteran Staffing Network and, in the process, has learned how great veterans often are at franchising.

"I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I worked with and directed a lot of veterans and understood that veterans make excellent franchise partners. I’ve been hit up by franchise brokers for decades, and I finally decided to respond to one," he said.

When Muir built a self-sustaining program for finding unemployed veterans opportunities in the workforce, he was laid off and saw that as a win for the efficiency of the system he built as it simply didn’t need him anymore. It also gave him the chance to pursue his dream of business ownership with a Footprints Floors* franchise: a dream largely born out of a desire to give his son the best life possible.

“I have a 13-year-old son with Down syndrome and ever since he was born, I’ve had this dark cloud over my head knowing I needed to find a way to ensure he is financially stable once I’m gone. That’s not the case anymore because this business model provides the lucrative opportunity I’ve been looking for,” said Muir.

Footprints Floors was exactly what Muir had been looking for; it provided a low barrier to entry, excellent support from the corporate team and a profitable business model, all while allowing him to use his passion for serving others to provide a valuable service in his community in Fairfax County, Virginia.

1851 Franchise spoke with Muir about his journey into franchising and his plans for the future.


1851 Franchise: Frame your personal story for us. What did you do before franchising, and how did you decide franchising made sense for you?

Muir: I have spent the past 17 years helping veterans and their families with the transition to civilian work after military service. I myself was a machine gunner in the Virginia National Guard. 

My career experience also includes time as a PE teacher, a chef and a restaurateur. After that, I got involved in the staffing industry, where I wrote a curriculum on job searching because it’s something people were really struggling with at the time.

I ended up redesigning the training program for veterans, TAP (Transition Assistance Program), and then headhunted veterans for various positions. I led the creation of Easterseals' Veteran Staffing Network (VSN), which is a sustainable solution for veteran unemployment. 

Eventually, even though my program had its best year ever at the time, I was laid off, which was flattering in a way because I had built a self-sustaining program that didn’t need me anymore. Mission accomplished.

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I worked with and directed a lot of veterans and understood that veterans make excellent franchise partners. I’ve been approached by franchise brokers for decades and I finally decided to respond to one.

Footprints Floors stood out to me for a number of reasons, but one reason I was drawn to the brand was because I knew I could do it well. I had worked in home improvement in high school, I had done the flooring in my home myself, I had experience running a business and I was good at sales. 

1851: What was your perception of franchising prior to becoming a franchisee, and what do you want people to know about franchising now that you are in it?

Muir: Franchising can be dangerous because there are some brands out there that just take the franchise fee and leave you without support. 

The other danger with franchising is that it’s not just paying the bill and letting the business run itself, which some people think is true. You have to work hard and put in the hustle.

There are great brands out there that have a tried and tested business model and provide a lucrative opportunity, like Footprints Floors. You have to do your due diligence.

1851: What made you pick this brand? What excites you most about this company?

Muir: Footprints Floors stands out because it gives a great level of infrastructure and support from the leadership team. It also provides a low barrier to entry; you don’t need any inventory. The franchise fees are very reasonable, as well and it’s a lucrative model.

1851: What do you hope to achieve with your business? What are your plans for growth? 

Muir: I hope to retire my son. I have a 13-year-old son with Down syndrome. Ever since he was born, I had this dark cloud over my head knowing I needed to find a way to retire him. That’s not the case anymore because this business model provides the lucrative opportunity I’ve been looking for.

The territories around me will likely be enough for me to take on; they’re pretty substantial. Maybe several years from now I’ll expand into other concepts, but I don’t want to expand into territories too far away with Footprints Floors. There’s definitely room for me to grow within my territories. 

1851: What is the one thing about your story you want us to know?

Muir: I have spent a fair amount of time building things for other people and business. I’ve done a lot of helping people and serving others is my passion. I have never really gotten to the point where I was focused on me in my career. While I am still providing valuable customer service in my community, this opportunity is also allowing me to do what I need to do for my family and especially my son.

1851: What advice do you have for other people thinking about becoming a franchise owner?

Muir: Do your due diligence. 

Make sure you are doing your own research on the industry, the leaders in the organization and anything else you can find. Speak to other franchise owners because they can provide you information that the brand cannot. Ask them things like: Is this a good investment? Would you do it again? What are the numbers and how realistic are my estimates and expectations?


Upon his return to Littleton, Colorado, after serving in the U.S. Air Force, Bryan Park noticed that Denver’s flooring industry lacked a higher level of customer service and sophistication. So, in 2008, he founded Footprints Floors, which today specializes in installing hardwood floors, tile floors, backsplashes and laminates. With more than 150 territories, Footprints Floors offers franchisees a robust support system, including a call center, flexible hours for work-life balance and a low cost of entry with outstanding economics.. For more information about the Franchise Times Top 500 brand, visit

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