Franchise Development Website Guide: MaidPro
Franchise Development Website Guide: MaidPro

Marketing Manager Madeleine Park explains the goals behind MaidPro's franchise development website.

1851: How satisfied are you with your franchise development website?

Madeleine Park, MaidPro Marketing Manager: We are very satisfied with our franchise development website. It does a fantastic job of educating potential franchisees about who we are and what our business is about. It's very visual and user-friendly. We feel that the leads that come directly from our website are very valuable.

1851: What would you change on your franchise development website?

Park: We wouldn't change anything per se but we do have a goal to make the website even more interactive. We enjoy creating content and are looking forward to sharing it in new and fun ways.

1851: Is your site performing better or the same as last year and why?

Park: Our best sources of web leads are outperforming last year. Organic/SEO leads are up 34% year to date compared to last year. Direct to site visitors who requested leads is up over 100%! 

1851: How is your budget shifting to include digital? 

Park: While our digital budget (PPC) remains a key component of our sales funnel, due to increasing competition and escalating prices, we are being responsible with our media buys. We are beginning to look more closely at social media and expect to participate heavier on those platforms in the coming years.

1851: Do you expect to change your website in the next year and why?

Park: We don't expect any major changes. We are going to continue to add value to our site through new content and look forward to exploring new interactive tools! We also just launched our sister brand's, FlyFoe - mosquito & tick control, new franchise website! has a much different feel than our MaidPro franchise site. We wanted each website to mimic the industry and what potential franchisees are looking for within that particular brand. We are having a good time monitoring the two and making tweaks to give potentials the best experience possible.