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Franchise Times: ‘Simple’ Wingstop Opens 1,000th Location

The wing concept defined by its simplicity reached a major milestone.

Franchisee, rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, along with his family, opened Wing Stop’s 1,000th location in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for its simplicity, Wing Stop’s success can be attributed to its quality product and focus on technology in regards to online orders. According to Franchise Times, 75 percent of orders from Q3 2016 were takeout.

“I think that’s one of the things that is so great bout the brand, when I tell people I sell chicken wings some things come to mind: it’s all about guys and sports, and beer, but what makes us a category of one and so unique is when I then tell them that 53 percent of our customer base are women,” said CMO Flynn Dekker. “Our No. 1 seller isn’t Original Hot, it’s Lemon Pepper and one of our biggest days of the year is actually Valentine’s Day; that gives people a different perspective.”

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