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Franchisee Debbie Smith Helps Grow the Amazing Lash Studio® Brand in Boca Raton, Florida

When Debbie Smith’s daughter introduced her to the Amazing Lash Studio brand's eyelash extension services, Smith couldn’t resist running with the ‘genius concept.’

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SPONSORED 4:16PM 12/20/19

The Amazing Lash Studio® brand is adding another studio to Florida’s impressive 27 existing locations thanks to the forthcoming opening in West Boca Raton. After being added to WellBiz Brands, Inc.’s portfolio of health and wellness concepts in September of last year, The Amazing Lash Studio brand has been inching closer to its 250-unit mark, with locations spread throughout 23 states. The leading semi-permanent eyelash extension franchise currently has more studios in development–first-time franchisee Debbie Smith’s Amazing Lash Studio location opening in 2020, the brand’s footprint continues to grow.

Smith first learned about the Amazing Lash Studio brand when she noticed something different about her daughter––her lashes. After finding out where she had them done, Smith made her way to an Amazing Lash Studio location to see what the hype was all about. Smith looked in the mirror after getting the brand’s Natural lash style and she was thrilled with the outcome. She became intrigued about the franchise opportunities with Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC and decided to do some research into the brand.

“I walked in and fell in love with the beautiful crystal chandelier, glass doors, and overall aesthetic of the studio,” said Smith. “I’ve always enjoyed beauty and looking good, so I decided to look more into the beauty industry when my husband, Kevin, and I started talking about owning our own business. The beauty industry is thriving right now––you just can’t go wrong.”

For Smith, it was franchise at first sight. 

Along with the overall look of the Amazing Lash Studio brand’s studios, Debbie and Kevin were impressed with the WellBiz Brands, Inc. executive team and the support the team offered to franchisees. When the Smiths attended the brand’s Meet the Team Day, that’s when they knew that this was the franchise for them. 

“One of the things we love about the Amazing Lash Studio brand is that everyone involved exudes professionalism and expertise,” said Smith. “This beauty industry has sustainability and you continue to see more studios opening.”

After more than 30 years living in Boca Raton, Smith has noticed that most of the women in the area take pride in the way they look. With all of the new home construction and growth in the West Boca area, Smith says that there’s a growing demand, interest, and popularity in and around eyelash extension services. 

“Having lashes that look natural, long, and lush without applying mascara and worrying about smears and smudges can be a major change in a busy woman’s life,” said Smith. “To look bright-eyed from the time you wake up, stay put-together all day and then look chic for an evening out without spending a lot of time on eye makeup—that is a life-changer.”

Coming from the corporate world, Smith was blown away by how responsive and encouraging the Amazing Lash Studio brand team was when she and Kevin were in the process of signing. Rather than demonstrating what some franchise brands lean on—an overemphasis on scaling without sustainable development practices in place—Smith said that the Amazing Lash Studio brand did a thorough job walking her and Kevin through each phase of the business.

“When I was looking at other eyelash extension service franchises, I felt like they were pressuring me into something I didn’t want to be a part of,” said Smith. “The Amazing Lash Studio brand didn’t do that at all and when I spoke with anyone with the company, I could tell how team-oriented they were and how they were all working toward the same goal––it was inspiring.”

“I wanted to make sure I was investing my life’s savings in a concept that made sense and was going to be successful.  After talking with Director of Development for WellBiz Brands, Inc., Lauren Wanamaker, I knew this was the right decision,” said Smith.

There’s no other eyelash extension service franchise that measures up to the high-quality services offered by the Amazing Lash Studio brand. Its patented application process, which attaches lightweight eyelash extensions to each natural lash, leaves guests with photo-ready lashes––it’s no wonder the brand holds the No. 1 position in the eyelash extension service segment

Smith prides the Amazing Lash Studio brand with innovating the beauty industry thanks to its research and development studios at which the team constantly tests out new products and techniques. From new extension types lash lift and other services, this brand is keeping up with the latest beauty styles while remaining solely focused on the eye area.

“The Amazing Lash Studio brand is always testing new services in its R&D facilities to see if they’re going to be popular with the public and there’s really no one else doing that,” said Smith. “The brand is always thinking ahead to anticipate future trends that may become popular.”

With dedicated franchisees such as Smith, the Amazing Lash Studio brand is well on its way to reaching its 250-unit goal.

The investment range for an Amazing Lash Studio franchise is $224,659 to $482,528*, including a $39,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchise opportunities, visit

*As per the March 13, 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document, as amended June 28, 2019.

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