Franchisee Voices: Josh Grinstead of GYMGUYZ
Franchisee Voices: Josh Grinstead of GYMGUYZ

New franchisee Josh Grinstead chooses GYMGUYZ to start his own business.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’ve been working in private education for the last 15 years, managing a number of schools throughout New York and New Jersey. I’ve had a lot of success managing multi-million dollar campuses, but it was time to branch off independently. I’ve been running businesses for other people for the last 10 years and I will succeed on my own. To that end, franchising was a perfect option; it gives me the right level of support with the right level of freedom.

Why did you choose to become a franchisee with GYMGUYZ

I was looking at a lot of standard franchising options: senior care, some consulting businesses and even auto care. GYMGUYZ was a much better match for me in terms of interest and growth opportunities. I have always stressed the importance of health and wellness and wanted something I could scale. GYMGUYZ provides a service that no one else is offering. The growth possibilities are boundless.

Where did you get most of your advice/do most of your research?

You have to approach buying a business like you’re running your business. I’ve been exploring franchising for years and got serious about 6 months ago. I have scoured the internet, magazines and tradeshows which is where I met a consultant, Nick Neonakis.

Nick has been a guiding hand. He is well-known within the industry. He connected me with Josh York from GYMGUYZ. Josh is extremely enthusiastic and passionate; we clicked immediately. It gave me an opportunity to get involved in something that I not only enjoy but have the skills and experience with which to make a positive impact in the industry. Our market, Bergen County, NJ – is prime. Our success is inevitable. With support, I took my time, did the necessary diligence, and made the right choice. Now for the fun part – doing!

What’s next for you and your business? 

At this point, we’re focusing on our launch and hoping to have quite a few ribbon cutting ceremonies in the cities we’re covering. We’ll start one territory at a time and then talk about expansion opportunities. The immediate goal is to provide amazing service to the people we serve and to grow an outstanding team of trainers.

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