Franchisees Who Give Back: Amy Seedorf of Ben’s Soft Pretzels
Franchisees Who Give Back: Amy Seedorf of Ben’s Soft Pretzels

The multi-unit franchisee supports veteran and active military personnel.

This past April, Amy Seedorf celebrated National Pretzel Day the way she does every year, by raising funds for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a nonprofit that supports military families. With her husband, Matt, Amy owns two Ben’s Soft Pretzels locations, one in Southeast Michigan and the other outside of Toledo, Ohio. Both locations host fundraisers for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund on National Pretzel Day, but the Seedorfs’ commitment to giving back extends throughout the year. The Seedorfs also work closely with the 180th Fighter Wing, a unit of the Ohio Air National Guard, where their children are currently enlisted.

We talked to Amy to learn more about how and why the Seedorfs have taken such an active role in their stores’ communities. Here’s what she had to say.

How does giving back to your community help you grow your business?

Seedorf: We are blessed by blessing others with our time, talent and treasure!

What local charity efforts have you pursued to connect with your community?

Seedorf: Locally, we are able to reach out to our service men and women serving in the 180th Fighter Wing, where our three boys all are Air Force members.

What are your best tips for marketing a local business?

Seedorf: Social media is the best and fastest way to reach large groups of people immediately. We also participate in in-store specials regularly for our customers. And nothing beats friendly service with a smile!

How effective have your charitable efforts been in growing your business?

Seedorf: When we invest in a charity or outreach effort that’s important to us, whether it’s a huge or small event, it makes us happy and we see the blessings flow back to us 100 fold.

What advice would you give to new local business owners to be successful?

Seedorf: Be prepared to work in your business at every level when everyone else is relaxing.  Be prepared to invest in the individuals that are working your front lines. They represent you!  And be prepared to invest in your community — they will be the ones ringing your register!