FranConnect, Franchise Relationships Institute Team Up to Enhance Recruitment Success
FranConnect, Franchise Relationships Institute Team Up to Enhance Recruitment Success

Franchise consulting experts bring industry professionals the best of both worlds.

FranConnect, the premier source for franchise management systems, announced today that it is joining forces with the Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI), a global leader for tools and training in franchise relationship-building.

FranConnect offers software systems that enable the full lifecycle of franchise operations, from franchise development and onboarding to information management, franchisee engagement and local marketing automation. The partnership with FRI enables franchisors to understand the factors that impact franchisee suitability, satisfaction and success. More than 600 brands comprising over 110,000 franchisee locations can enjoy the breadth of knowledge provided by FranConnect’s partnership with the FRI.

“This is a strategic relationship designed to give our clients the tools they need to succeed,” said Keith Gerson, president of FranConnect. “Our customers who enjoy the benefits of the FranConnect Franchise Sales system will now also have the ability to prequalify or otherwise understand what type of franchisee a potential candidate would be and predict their effectiveness. An integrated solution also means one log-in and greater ease of use.”

The FRI specializes in the psychology of franchising success and is eager to bring its years of research to users of FranConnect’s management tools.

“Any endeavor in life that involves effort and achievement has got a lot of psychology involved,” said FRI founder Greg Nathan. “We have spent decades studying the psychological factors that drive success and provide a sense of fulfillment for businesspeople.

Nathan is a firm believer that business prosperity goes beyond financial factors and is dependent on the right approach to situations franchisors and franchisees must address on a daily basis.

“We have three focuses,” Nathan said. “Helping organizations prepare their franchisees for success, nurturing the franchise relationship itself, and supporting professional development for franchisors and franchisees. We’ve found most problems could be resolved if all parties are properly educated about how to work together ethically and competently.”

And according to FRI’s director, Louise Broekman, this partnership is the logical next step in a business world that increasingly requires collaboration.

“The future of business systems is not standalone, they’re integrated,” Broekman said. “Systems must connect to gain efficiency in operations and maximize data.”

With FranConnect’s excellence in operations and FRI’s expertise in regard to recruitment selection, this partnership offers franchise professionals in search of practical, results-driven tools plenty to be excited about.