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Frenchies Supports Women with Cancer through Fighting Pretty Campaign

The natural nail care franchise partners with Fighting Pretty for its Beauty and Bubbles campaign, offering free pampering to women fighting cancer in October.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 10/20/23

In partnership with Fighting Pretty, a non-profit organization that supports women fighting cancer in feeling beautiful and powerful, Frenchies Modern Nail Care, the 24-unit natural nail care franchise, provided free beauty services to 75 women this October. While the system partners with Fighting Pretty and other local purpose-driven organizations year-round, October is an especially important month thanks to Fighting Pretty’s Beauty and Bubbles campaign.

“Fighting Pretty helps women fighting cancer feel good about themselves,” said Stacy Stout, Vice President of Marketing. “When you have cancer, the self care aspect of everyday life is difficult — the  focus is on beating cancer. And a lot of time, these are women that have families, so they’re really busy trying to manage all of that in addition to dealing with their cancer diagnosis. The Beauty and Bubbles campaign works to boost their spirits and remind them that someone is there looking out for them and taking care of them.”

For the Beauty and Bubbles campaign, participating Frenchies locations block a designated day on the books and set time aside to accommodate the cancer survivors who are referred to them. With the help of Fighting Pretty’s database of warriors, in concert with local marketing efforts, franchise owners spread the word about Beauty and Bubbles in their local communities and book appointments for interested women.

On the day of the Beauty and Bubbles appointment, survivors come in to enjoy the fabulous Frenchies experience, champagne or other non-alcoholic beverages and a Fighting Pretty gift package.

“When someone signs up, they are joining a designated time where all of these women can come together and share their experiences,” added Stout. “This is a time for them to be with other women who might be in a similar situation, whether that’s an existing friend or someone new that they meet because they came to this program. All of our local owners try to make this a really enjoyable, unique experience for the women attending.”

This year, Frenchies hosted 75 women across 19 locations. Stout noted that, though the partnership started with just a single franchise owner who had interest in Fighting Pretty, it has spread throughout the system to include many locations. While the Frenchies team has the privilege of rallying around women in need, they are also providing a level of awareness and reach, by participating as a unified system, that Fighting Pretty has not previously experienced.

Frenchies and Fighting Pretty: The Perfect Pair

This is Frenchies’ third year of partnership with Fighting Pretty for the Beauty and Bubbles initiative, and Stout says the partnership just makes sense. While the mission is important to members of the corporate team as well as local owners and employees, Frenchies holds a unique position in the space to service cancer survivors in ways that other standard nail care concepts simply cannot.

Frenchies consistently prioritizes clean, healthy practices with both its equipment and materials, creating an environment where both the average consumer and those with compromised immune systems can truly feel safe and focus their attention on the experience rather than the risks they may potentially be exposed to.

“You can’t go into a standard nail salon when you’re fighting cancer; you cannot expose yourself to an environment like that where you could get sick,” she added. “It’s harder for patients to be in beauty environments. Oftentimes, hair loss or harsh chemicals take hair coloring off the table, you can’t get your lashes done… being able to come to Frenchies where you can sit, relax, have a pedicure and know everything is clean is a complete departure from what most women are experiencing during treatment.”

Cancer interrupts so much in a woman’s life, and Beauty and Bubbles offers an opportunity for them to enjoy the services they know and love alongside women with shared experiences without the high risk that comes at a typical salon.

“Our typical guests at Frenchies are women between 35 and 60 years old, and that is the primary community that is affected by breast cancer,” said Stout. “This is something that is definitely affecting our guests, and it’s really important that we are able to help them through this. Even if we don’t know a specific guest who is dealing with this, we all have friends or family members who have. This is a way for us to give back and do something kind for a woman who is fighting this disease. It’s just so important for us to support the community in a way that is meaningful when they’re dealing with something as devastating as a cancer diagnosis.”

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