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5 Reasons to Buy a Fresh Coat Painters Franchise in 2024

With a recession-resistant business model in a thriving industry, the residential and commercial painting franchise is emerging as a top choice for entrepreneurs.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 06/11/24

Fresh Coat Painters, the residential and commercial painting franchise, is on a roll. In 2023, the brand saw a 41% increase in territories sold compared to 2022 and expects to see an additional 50% increase this year. With 174 territories across the country, the plan is to double the unit count over the next three or four years. Now, the Fresh Coat team is looking for franchisee prospects across the country to make that happen.

So, what are some of the reasons so many entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in a Fresh Coat franchise this year?

1. A Recession-Resistant Industry and Business Model

In uncertain times, businesses that thrive are those deemed essential or resistant to economic downturns. The painting industry— and home services in general — is a popular choice. And unlike other painting franchises that may just service one group of customers, Fresh Coat franchisees can tap into three revenue streams — residential (interior and exterior), commercial (retail stores, restaurants, offices, apartments and more) and government projects.

“Within the realms of home services and painting, we consider our business to be recession-proof — some of our most successful months and years occurred during COVID,” said Fresh Coat Vice President of Sales Leo Haley. “When faced with a recession, individuals often cut back on expenses, yet they find themselves at home, contemplating the spaces they inhabit and seeking updates. One of the simplest updates? Applying a fresh coat of paint to their walls — pun intended.”

The residential and commercial sectors are still seeing an increase in demand for painting. Despite higher interest rates dampening new home purchases, the National Association of Realtors anticipates a 13.5% increase in existing home sales. Typically, homes are painted either in preparation for sale or upon purchase, signifying a significant market opportunity with 4.71 million homes sold this year alone. Furthermore, the construction of 8.4 million new homes presents a chance to apply premium paint finishes. 

And on the commercial side, according to reports by the Associated Builders and Contractors, construction spending has risen over 17% from the previous year and shows no signs of deceleration. 

“This growth opens more avenues for our franchise partners,” Haley said. “The painting industry is expected to reach $269 billion by 2032, with both the commercial and residential segments experiencing growth. Now is the optimal moment to enter a sector that is both expanding and ripe with opportunity.”

2. The Winner's Circle: An Unmatched Incentive

Fresh Coat sets itself apart with the Winner’s Circle Program, offering franchisees a unique opportunity to recoup their entire franchise fee within the first five years through achieving growth milestones. With start-up costs coming in at just $81,150-$120,250 including an initial franchise fee of $49,900, Fresh Coat bills itself as the most affordable franchise in the painting industry. 

“All of our franchisees in the first five years have the ability to earn back their entire franchise fee as they scale their business, which allows them to invest in themselves, invest in the company or pocket the money if they want to,” said Haley. “No other painting franchise offers an incentive model along those lines.” 

3. Expanding National and Commercial Footprint

Another major benefit of partnering with Fresh Coat in 2024, Haley says, is the ability to tap into the brand’s national accounts. Once franchisees have been trained and certified by Fresh Coat, they have the ability to tap into the brand’s national accounts that are already signed, sealed and delivered. The team will also assist in vetting commercial projects in local areas to help franchisees bid and win lucrative painting jobs for stores, restaurants, businesses, and medical offices.

“This allows Fresh Coat to carve out significant strides in the national and commercial sectors, bringing valuable projects directly to franchise owners without additional fees,” Haley said. “We have a dedicated team that is constantly building relationships with property managers, construction managers, general contractors and more, bringing work that goes directly to our owners across the country. That is why work from our National Accounts makes up over 20% of our total revenue.” 

4. Cutting-Edge Industry Technology

In a sector where efficiency and quality are paramount, Fresh Coat leads with innovative technological solutions. For example, the brand’s custom-developed estimating software Smart Quote makes customer interaction seamless and sales processes streamlined. The Fresh Coat Academy, the brand’s online learning management platform, hosts over 600 training videos for staff and franchisees. And a dynamic Intranet platform, which acts as a communication tool, fosters a cohesive community among franchise owners, enabling shared success and streamlined operations. 

5. Comprehensive Corporate Support 

When it comes to resources and support, the Fresh Coat team provides training, business coaches, digital marketing, PR, estimating/quoting technology, painter-recruitment systems, regional/national conferences, online seminars, peer-to-peer educational programs, national supplier/vendor alliances and more. 

Understanding the importance of visibility and community engagement, Fresh Coat offers extensive marketing support at the corporate level. Haley highlighted the franchise's efforts in asset creation, SEO optimization and lead generation, all tailored specifically to the painting industry. 

“Our franchise owners have experienced a substantial increase in business, a testament to our focused efforts in the painting industry,” said Haley. “Our role extends to identifying and fostering the right relationships and resources, providing guidance and coaching throughout the process. From yard signs and car wraps to comprehensive campaigns, we ensure our franchisees embody the brand, transforming them into a visible presence within their communities. 

Moreover, beyond marketing support, Fresh Coat emphasizes community integration. The Fresh Coat Cares charity initiative, for example, exemplifies how franchisees can become integral parts of their communities beyond business operations. "You can do the marketing, but are you part of the community?" Haley asked, stressing the value of local involvement and brand presence.

Joining the Fresh Coat Family

As Fresh Coat looks to double its number of territories in the coming years, now is an opportune time for entrepreneurs to embark on a journey with a franchise that prides itself on resilience, growth, community and innovation. With a bright outlook for 2024 and beyond, Fresh Coat invites prospective franchisees to explore a path filled with potential for personal and professional fulfillment.

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