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How This Fresh Coat Painters Franchisee Finally Decided to Start a Business

Joe Martinta, a Fresh Coat Franchise business owner, talks about his leap from employee to employer.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 12:12PM 03/14/23

Fresh Coat, a residential and commercial painting franchise with over 170 locations across the country, recently closed out 2022 with a bang. The brand welcomed several new franchise owners across the country and continues to grow.

Joe Martinta, a Fresh Coat franchisee, recently opened a location in Northwest Houston and spoke to Savvy Broadcasting about his transition from an employee to an employer. Martinta, who moved to the U.S. from Brazil in 2005, has been in the painting industry for 16 years. 

He spoke about the process of becoming a business owner, and said that while it was a scary decision at first, anyone can do it as long as they stick with it. For anyone looking into becoming their own boss, Martinta says it’s so important to stop making up excuses and just pull the trigger because you’ll never know until you actually take initiative.  

Moving forward, Martinta says he already has plans to expand the business across Houston and create additional jobs in the community.

Fresh Coat was founded in 2004, and is now looking to expand past 200 franchise locations by the end of the year.

Click here to listen to their full conversation.   

The total investment required to start a Fresh Coat franchise ranges from $53,850 to $76,750, including the $44,900 franchise fee. For more information, visit:

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