From 21 years of military experience to expanding Right at Home
From 21 years of military experience to expanding Right at Home

In addition to having more than 21 years of military experience, high school sweethearts Dexter and Alexa Jones are helping the Right at Home brand expand across Virginia.

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Dexter a.....

In addition to having more than 21 years of military experience, high school sweethearts Dexter and Alexa Jones are helping the Right at Home brand expand across Virginia.

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Dexter and Alexa both grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida where they attended Dixie Hollins High School. In 1988, three weeks after beginning college courses, Dexter’s mother passed away; and his passions changed with the decision to join the Army.  Soon after, Alexa decided to help serve the country, as well. Dexter completed his basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia to continue his military career at Ft. Riley, Kansas for the following four years.  Alexa completed her training at Ft. McClellan, Alabama and her Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Lee, Virginia and Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

The happy couple decided to get married in June of 19899, and in 1990, Dexter made rank of sergeant during Desert Storm. The Jones were fortunate enough that their military experiences led them around the country and the world together. The newlyweds were soon stationed in Erlangen and Schweinfurt, Germany. Returning to the states in 1995, Dexter and Alexa were stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas until 2001.

Dexter then served in both Afghanistan and Iraq for three deployments, and Alexa also served in Iraq. After years of serving their country, Dexter retired from the military in October 2009 and Alexa in December 2010. Following their service, the Jones’ life quickly changed when Alexa became pregnant and Dexter participated in the Wounded Warrior Intern Program with the Virginia Department of Transpiration as the Supply Assistant. When his internship ended, he made the decision to become a stay-at-home father, while simultaneously attending Liberty University. Alexa’s civilian career also escalated while attending University of the Incarnate Word, where she worked at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond as the Program Support Specialist, responsible for collecting payment options and constructing analysis.

Always having the desire to open her own business, Alexa discussed different career options with her husband.  Dexter was reluctant at first , aware of all the challenges that come along with owning a business, he began compiling research about different opportunities. During this franchise exploration period, a dear friend of the Jones inspired the couple by encouraging them that they have many gifts to offer others and they should consider a franchise system that helps care for people; one that will allow them to help aid wounded veterans and elderly loved ones. Seeing this as their calling, Dexter and Alexa decided to move forward as business owners with Right at Home.

Not only has their military background and past experiences in training, managing, supervising and leading diverse organizations contributed to their journey with Right at Home, but their excellent communication, presentation and relationship management skills set them up for success with a wide range of audiences.

Both Dexter and Alexa received awards while active in the military.

Dexter: Awarded three Bronze Star Medals for leadership in combat, The Order of Saint Maurice from the National Infantry Association and The Noble Patron of Armor from the United States Armor Association for leadership during Operation Iraqi Freedom-1.

Alexa: Awarded the Bronze Star Medal for leadership in combat and three Meritorious Service Medals for leadership outside of combat.

How did you find out about Right at Home?

Dexter: We discovered Right at Home through our franchise broker, Stephen Maeker, who is an excellent consultant at FranChoice.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?

Dexter: We’ve always had a love for people and passion to help disabled veterans. We wanted to incorporate that into a career.  One amazing friend of our family from the Army said to me, “When I look at you and your wife, you two have so much to offer and God is not done with you yet.”  We immediately felt a higher calling to the mission field of home health care. This would allow us to help those in need to strengthen and support families and continue to build the strength of our family.

What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
My mother, who is 83 years old, recently had a stroke.  As a result of the stroke, we had to assist directing family members to make sure someone was present to ensure my mother’s meals were prepared; that she was eating and taking her medicine at the proper times.  We also made adjustments around the home to make  it easier for her to get around upon returning from the hospital. Once my mother was back in her home, she required an in-home health care and rehab specialist provided by Medicare.

My mother was sick my entire life. She was always in and out of the hospital and passed away when I was 18 years old.  Throughout the 18 years of my life with her, I tried to help her in any way I could. I helped prepare meals and gave her the proper medication. 

My aunt, who I was very close with, became very ill; living alone, she was placed in a nursing home.  During this time, my wife and I were still active in the military, but a relative of mine called me to explain my aunt had stopped taking her medicine.  After begging her to take her medicine, she told me that they were hurting her at the nursing home but she would try to take the medicine again. To my knowledge, I thought she meant the medicine was hurting her.  As soon as I had the opportunity to visit her, my family and I went to see her and continued to encourage her to take her medicine. I did not realize at the time that she was trying to tell me that they were physically abusing her. To my understanding, she had a problem with taking her medicine and completing her rehabilitation.  Once again, she promised me to try and take her medicine.  As I drove 13 hours back home, I realized my full-of-life aunt was losing her will to live.  Within six months, my Aunt Mattie passed away in 2005.  It was during our journey with Right at Home and our research that I discovered what I missed nine years ago.  This very independent woman was a victim of nursing home abuse.

Please list any nonprofit organizations, community groups, volunteer activities, etc. you are/have been involved with:

Dexter: We are planning to reach out to as many groups as we can to offer our services. We want to be affiliated with whoever needs help. We know we would like to reach out to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, Stroke Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Association, American Diabetes Association, and American Lung Association and continue our community outreach.