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Full-Service Better-Breakfast Franchise Expands Throughout Virginia

Famous Toastery Continues Following its Plan to Develop Across the Southeast U.S.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 9:09AM 10/20/17

With major development plans in the works, Famous Toastery has proven to be a family
favorite in Virginia. The full-service better-breakfast franchise is known for fresh
ingredients and impeccable customer service, serving up a unique family atmosphere.
Franchisee Angela Goodman owns one location in Loudon County with expansion plans on
the horizon, and she believes there is a huge hole in the market for better-breakfast restaurants
across the state.

“We fell in love with the brand when we were living in Charlotte, back when it was called
Toast Café. My family and I ate breakfast there every single day. Like most customers, we
enjoyed the fresh ingredients and couldn't find a family-oriented breakfast option
like it anywhere else,” Goodman said.

The brand left such a great taste in Goodman’s mouth, she and her husband decided to
open their first Famous Toastery location in Loudon County in November of 2016. It was
there they noticed that “huge hole” in the breakfast marketplace and decided to
expand throughout the community.

“I personally feel like the breakfast chain has been overlooked. We hear praise from our
customers every single day. They wish there were more Famous Toastery locations,”
Goodman said.

Business has been booming at Goodman’s Loudon County location, with some loyal customers driving 25 miles to eat a fresh breakfast at her restaurant. In an 8-hour span, Goodman’s location
feeds 500 people, with customers willing to wait 30 to 40 minutes for food on a daily basis.

“Seeing the customers’ dedication and loyalty just says a lot about Famous Toastery as a
brand. It has an atmosphere and menu that is unlike any other breakfast restaurant in the
country right now. Americans are craving an affordable, fresh breakfast, ” Goodman said.

Goodman has plans to expand throughout Virginia with a goal of opening at least three
more locations by 2020 in Leesburg, Sterling and South Riding. And she isn’t the only
franchisee that views Virginia as a ripe market for growth. Dave Arnold is opening a
Famous Toastery in November in the Roanoke area and is already hearing a lot of chatter
from people in the community.

“People will stop me in the street and tell me how excited they are for it. The market here is
clamoring for it and we are prepared to take off fast,” Arnold said.

When Arnold was searching for a franchise, he wanted a restaurant with a family feel that
had daytime hours. He is married with two teenage children, who he wants to be
involved with the brand. Arnold says it was the brand’s fresh ingredients and a phone
conversation with Famous Toastery’s CEO and Founder Robert Maynard that sold him on
opening a location.

“Robert made me feel supported and like I will have a strong team backing me which was
very important to me, he’s an excellent person,” Arnold said. “I haven’t spoken with one
Famous Toastery franchisee that has had a negative experience with this brand. In this day
and age, people are very health conscious. They want to know that their food is made fresh
and what they’re eating is real food. The fact that we can offer that up for customers is rare
in the restaurant industry and really makes this brand stand apart.”