Great Clips Continues to Thrive After 45 Consecutive Quarters of Same-Salon Sales Growth
Great Clips Continues to Thrive After 45 Consecutive Quarters of Same-Salon Sales Growth

The 33-year-old brand celebrates 11 straight years of continued success.

The Great Recession. The Polar Vortex. The advent of high-end salons. Over the years, none of these things had the ability to derail Great Clips, which recently announced 45 consecutive quarters of same-salon-sales growth—that’s 11 straight years of continued success.

For nearly 33 years, Great Clips’ approach to dominating the industry has hinged on simplicity. Rather than feeling the need to keep up with the fads that come and go, the brand has stuck to—and honed—the basics: a simple, no-frills hair cut that customers can feel good about. Today, that tactic has clearly worked in Great Clips’ favor—this billion dollar empire boasts more than 3,900 salons nationwide. And with 13 units already sold this year, the brand is on pace to hit its desired goal by the end of 2016—adding another 200 locations, or more.

“Hair trends and different upscale services come and go, but the need for a convenient, quick hair cut will always remain. That is what has made Great Clips a fast-growing leader in the industry—we know what works for our customers, and we’ll always stick to it,” said Beth Caron, Great Clips’ director of franchise development. “Over the years, our goal has been to keep the energy around that very simple focus, and it’s worked for us. Even when the economy was bad or we had long winters working against us, people would always come through our doors. This has fueled our success for decades, and we’re excited to see the brand’s momentum continue.”

The numbers say it all—Great Clips is a salon that customers come back to time and time again. As the brand wraps up the first quarter of 2016, it’s also celebrating 41 consecutive quarters of customer count growth. According to Caron, in a single year, Great Clips usually does upwards of 90 million haircuts across the country—a true testament to the brand’s staying power and strong reputation in just about any city in America.

“Great Clips is everywhere—it’s a brand that people easily recognize no matter where you are. By being such an accessible salon, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as the go-to place to get your hair cut for thousands and thousands of people,” Caron said.

As the world’s largest salon brand, Caron believes their commitment to tradition and simplicity has helped them establish mass appeal. And while the core of the brand has remained unchanged for more than three decades, Great Clips has also made efforts to stay ahead of its competitors by embracing technology. Most recently, the brand introduced an Online Check-In system that’s currently used by about 22 percent of its customers and a mobile app that has millions of downloads. This technology has made it easier for customers to connect directly with their location, and getting in the salon chair and out the door is more streamlined than ever.

Franchisees interested in joining the world’s largest and fastest growing salon brand are asked for an investment ranging from $132,250 to $253,100.

“By coupling modern enhancements with our time-tested business model, Great Clips will remain a force to be reckoned with in the salon industry for years to come. We’ve been able to marry comfort and simplicity into a brand that customers, hairstylists and business owners all want to be a part of,” Caron said.

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