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Here's How You Can Use LinkedIn to Your Benefit

When pushing your franchise through the social portal, follow professional etiquette.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:01AM 06/01/15

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Social sites are a great way to network, get information, speak to experts and get your name out, and LinkedIn is the ideal tool for accomplishing all these goals. As the world's largest professional network, it's important for you to be able to navigate and use it properly. 
Still skeptical? Keep in mind that, according to Digital Marketing Stats, LinkedIn boasts 347 million users, with two more joining the site every second.

Make sure your profile is polished – Think of it as your own personal resume page. Always keep it up-to-date; you don’t want potential clients or recruiters reading the wrong information, especially if it's their first impression of you. LinkedIn is the opposite of Twitter – more followers doesn’t mean more credibility. When connecting with someone on LinkedIn, analyze if this is a meaningful connection.

Personalize your messages  Many people get connected through LinkedIn by using the generic, “Hi, I’d like to connect” option. This isn’t the best way to make a positive impression. Taking time to really reach out and craft messages can get you further, showing a potential recruiter, franchisee or candidate your appreciation and effort. If you don't care about your message, why should they? 

“When reaching out to someone to join you network, I think it’s better to choose the 'we’ve done business together' option, as opposed to 'friend,'" said Alia Rajput, social media manager at No Limit Agency*, a mid-sized public relations firm based in Chicago. "At this point in utilizing the platform’s capabilities, everyone kind of knows that choosing 'friend' usually denotes either laziness or anonymity on the person requesting. Confirm any doubt of your credibility by explaining your network invite in the personal note section, saying how you came across them and why you would like to connect.”

Don’t forget the small stuff  Attention to details, such as punctuation and grammar, is very important when posting on a professional networking website. Your resume and work experience might be bold and bolstered, but a misspelling reduces your credibility. Additionally, be careful when inviting someone to your network.

“If you invite people to your network and they flag your invitation as someone they don’t know, you will be banned temporarily from inviting new people to your network unless you know their email address. Don’t be that guy!" added Rajput.

Stay active on the site – Like any social media site, updating your profile and posting relevant content keeps things fresh on the page and also shows your interests. Make sure your posts are thoughtful and add value to the message board and the page. This can make you look like an expert in your own right.

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