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5 Reasons to Buy Home Clean Heroes

Why the home cleaning brand, and industry at large provide a great opportunity for growth and success.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 05/14/20

For entrepreneurs looking to start a business for themselves, it’s important to find opportunities best suited for their passions, services they want to provide customers and potential for profitability and growth. One industry that has taken off in the last several years is the home service industry, with lots of opportunity for home cleaning brands specifically.

One such company that offers a great opportunity to those looking to get into franchising is Home Clean Heroes, owned by Buzz Franchise Brands and based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Joe Delatte, President of Home Clean Heroes, offers a few reasons why potential franchisees should consider the home service industry and Home Clean Heroes when looking to start a business for themselves.

Opportunities in the Industry Continue to Grow Rapidly

Overall, this is a high demand industry with a highly fragmented competitive set. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for good operators to grab a large portion of the market share. In addition, there is a lot of customer turnover within this particular industry.

“As long as you are top of mind, there are plenty of opportunities to grab market share and expand your customer base,” said Delatte. “If you continuously work to build relationships with your clients, they are more likely to refer you to friends and family who may be utilizing other similar services.”

Year-Round Business Means Year-Round Profitability

Home cleaning is a year-round business in every market with a predictive and frequently recurring revenue stream. This is true for every region of the country.

“Lots of businesses call themselves a recurring business,” said Delatte. “In reality, you’re only servicing customers quarterly or even annually. In our industry, we are servicing customers weekly, or every other week.”

Additionally, business owners in the cleaning industry work closely with clients to schedule around their personal lives.

“You’ll run into situations where a client needs to change an appointment because of a graduation, birthday party or other big life moment,” said Delatte. “This provides business owners with a chance to develop and cultivate client relationships and build a strong and loyal customer base.”

Home Clean Heroes Provides a Strong Corporate Structure

It’s important to get noticed early and remain top of mind when launching your business.

Our parent company, Buzz Franchise Brands, has a great track record in developing and growing brands, as well as developing successful franchisees,” said Delatte.

The overall structure allows owners to have as much support as necessary to stay in front of potential and current customers within the markets they operate within. 

There is a Good Amount of Market Availability

Given the strength of Home Clean Heroes and the visibility the company generates in the market, it is seen as a major player. Many other franchisors are sold out in markets where the brand has availability right now, so it makes sense to get in early.

“Home Clean Heroes is now offering an opportunity for new franchisees who sign on with the company,” said Delatte. This “Charter League” will consist of the first five franchisees, who will each save $20,000 (lowering the franchise fee from $25,000 to $5,000), as well as receive additional coaching and assistance as they launch their business. This offer is now available in every market in the country.

Franchisor Engagement is Top Notch

Home Clean Heroes positions its corporate staff to work with franchisees as much or as little as they need or prefer. There is no mandate for the franchisee to have an overbearing amount of involvement from the corporate team, but support is always available should they need it.

“Our team can assist franchisees across the board,” said Delatte. “We offer coaching and support on a number of areas, including marketing planning and execution, business planning and analysis to ensure franchisees are set up for profitability and even offer an extensive training program. The trainings include video-based programs, conventions, weekly best practice calls, personal visits and more.” 

Overall, now is a very exciting time to enter the home services industry, and Home Clean Heroes can provide those looking to become franchisees with a great opportunity to grow something special within the space.

Home Clean Heroes is a Buzz Franchise Brand. The startup costs for a Home Clean Heroes single-unit franchise ranges from $117,525 to $134,060. To learn more about franchising with Home Clean Heroes, visit

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