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Q&A with Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands

Wilson talks about breaking into the cleaning industry with Home Clean Heroes, Buzz Franchise Brands newest franchise concept

By LAUREN MOORMAN1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 3:15PM 08/07/18

What about Home Clean Heroes makes it unique within its industry?

The first thing people will notice about Home Clean Heroes is our branding and name. Other residential cleaning franchises are a sea of sameness. We don’t use “maid” as part of our vernacular; it’s an old and tired term and conjures up an image that is different than who we are. We call our cleaning specialists and our franchisees “heroes” -- it’s reflective of the work they do.

With Home Clean Heroes, we’ve created a professional, playful and fun brand that fits into the culture we’ve created at Buzz Franchise Brands. For our branding, we intentionally chose not to use the color pink, which is a common color used in the residential cleaning industry. Our colors are bright – citrus fresh, pure blue, spring clean – a reflection of the invigorating feeling you get when you walk into a sparkling clean home. Our vehicles are well-branded, easy to spot on the roads, and highlight the professionalism and attention to detail that our heroes will bring. All of our heroes have passed a background check and have gone through a thorough training and assessment before ever entering a home.

Home Clean Heroes is the third brand for Buzz Franchise Brands, so Home Clean Heroes franchisees receive a very high level of support from our corporate team. Franchise prospects will see that we have one location right now, but because we can leverage the entire Buzz Franchise Brands system, we are able to provide a level of support that is in line with a brand that has hundreds of locations. We are able to leverage our proven systems for recruiting, scheduling and marketing. We learned a lot from launching Mosquito Joe and Pool Scouts and feel confident that our support will help get this brand out of the gate quickly.

What have been some of the brand's milestones in its history?

We recently completed our first year of business, which went even better than we had hoped it would. We’ve grown our fleet to eight vehicles and 17 heroes (cleaning specialists). We made a strategic decision to incubate the brand for a year before selling franchises. For the first six months, we tried different marketing and operations strategies and then honed in on what we learned to perfect the model.

We surpassed our goal of 80 percent recurring services and are currently at 84 percent. Once our customers try our services, they want us on a regular basis, whether that’s weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, or monthly.  

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from Mosquito Joe and Pool Scouts and focused on growing our referral business. We’re proud to have 20 percent of our business come from referrals from happy customers, which is high for the industry.

What plans does the brand have in the coming years?

We have the ability to grow to several hundred locations over the next five years, just like we’ve done with Mosquito Joe. In the short term, we expect to sign three to five franchisees through the second half of 2018 and scale the business further in 2019.

What does an ideal franchisee look like?

Our ideal franchisee has similar attributes to the franchisees of our other brands; they come from all walks of life and have saved enough money to start a business but are wise enough to partner with a franchisor with a track record of success to reduce their risk.

These are people that want to make a difference or change in their lives, usually resulting from a dream to start their own business. Some people want to go into business with a close friend, some people want to get more security and take control of their future. They want the benefits that come with business ownership -- if they work hard, they’ll be successful -- but they want to do it with the support of a strong franchise. We provide exceptional support to our franchisees and will continue to do so with Home Clean Heroes.

Why is Home Clean Heroes a good investment?

Residential cleaning is a very fragmented industry. All the other franchisors combined account for just 10 percent of the overall business. Most of these larger franchisors are sold out across key markets in the United States, which provides us with an opportunity. Home Clean Heroes has territories available across the country, and the value proposition for the franchisee and the customer is very strong.

Like any business, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Our franchisees work hard to get their businesses up and running and are always hustling to get their name out there, and to do a good job so they’ll be asked back. The beauty of our recurring revenue business model is that our franchisees have to sell the customer once, and their return business is based on how well they perform.

Our other businesses are largely seasonal, and for the franchisees of those brands, that’s what they want. For Home Clean Heroes, it’s an excellent opportunity to run a year-round business that is unaffected by weather.

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