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How Joshua Tree Experts Fosters a Positive Company Culture

Controller Chris Cooper discusses what company culture means at Joshua Tree Experts and what the franchise does to maintain it.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 10/28/22

“We want to be the rockstars of the green industry.” 

For Joshua Tree Experts, that starts with stellar company culture.

The home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services brought on Chris Cooper as controller to evaluate the company and help expand the brand’s footprint across the country.

Since joining the team in early 2022, Cooper not only spearheads the finances of Joshua Tree Experts, but he has also spent time bringing in key individuals, ensuring internal processes are running smoothly and that clients are being proactively communicated with. Part of that role also involves fostering a positive environment. 

“My time here has been fantastic,” said Cooper. “I came from a publicly traded and very structured company before Joshua Tree, so it has been a complete culture shock for me. It is different, but I love what our CEO and founder, Joshua Malik, has built. It’s not only a hugely successful and proven business model but a very well-rounded team that is truly built on culture and experience.” 

“The culture at Joshua Tree is great because we place significance on teaching and communicating,” he said.  “This team, no matter what department, prides itself on everyone striving to achieve common goals. Our core values are truly at the center of everything we do, so we make sure that when we’re hiring, we’re bringing in individuals who are going to bring that same hustle and ethic to the group.”

Implementing culture starts early on in the hiring process. The company aims to get prospective employees excited about their job – and it appears to be working. Cooper noted that, over the years, many of the people he has interviewed have expressed how excited they were to get started because of the impression left on them in the hiring process. 

During training, the franchise makes sure to communicate its vision and core values, such as education, training and excellent customer service. Joshua Tree Experts also aims to cultivate an environment where employees are engaged and can share what they're feeling with anybody at any time.

“It's landscape; it's hard work,“ said Cooper. “When people feel appreciated and are treated well, you're going to see a much happier workplace. Not perfect, but happier. We don't want to just give lip service. We want to ingrain these ideologies and behaviors in the team. That means living it day to day. It's important to have leaders that are setting a good example. In my role, I try to do that.”

Fun, team-building activities are also a key part of building culture at Joshua Tree Experts. For example, Cooper recalled a recent white water rafting trip with the entire company, saying that it's these little things that really make an impact. 

“Josh does a ton of those. He’s always asking about what we can do as an entire group/team for the company just to give everyone that sense of appreciation,” said Cooper. “My time here has been fantastic. It’s a complete culture shock for me. I came from a publicly traded structured role. So it’s different, but I love what Josh has built as a culture here at Joshua Tree.”

This attitude on the corporate side trickles down to franchisees. Joshua Tree ensures its owners are a good fit and teaches them the keys to being successful at the brand. The franchise believes that the positive outlook and excitement that is shown at the corporate level will permeate down through everyone down the line. 

“Everybody is going to reflect the main business, so it’s important that we reciprocally help each other reach our goals,” said Cooper. “That’s why culture training is so important.”

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