How Wireless Zone Won, Again
How Wireless Zone Won, Again

The wireless leader is yielding to rapid-fire developments in the cell phone industry by focusing on devices and applications.

Throughout its first 20 years, Wireless Zone, a nearly 400-location exclusive retailer of Verizon Wireless products and services, focused on its in-store experience by providing communities with a locally owned and operated business complemented by topnotch customer service. Now, the wireless leader is yielding to rapid-fire developments in the mobile phone industry by focusing on not only the devices but all the latest high-tech products and applications that will dominate the continuously evolving wireless industry.

“Cell phones have become such an integral part of everyone’s life,” Wireless Zone director of marketing Kevin Downs said. “Every day new wireless technology comes out that impacts the way we live our lives, and it’s all centered around mobile devices. The next big opportunity in this industry is providing and supporting all of the products and service with that new technology.”

While many chains are focusing on the retail possibilities of the devices themselves, Wireless Zone anticipates a spurt in the technology segment of the industry. Constant technological product developments and consumers’ desire for product education warrants a more nuanced mobile support system. Wireless Zone is poised to corner the market with a 2-decade legacy of top-tier customer support and a spot on the front lines of mobile development.

“Wireless technology is only going to become more essential to us in the future,” Downs said. “As time goes on, we’ll use them to communicate with our homes, our cars…everything. The future of where it’s all heading is already happening now, and that’s why Wireless Zone is ideally placed to capitalize.”

With swiftly changing mobile technology, Wireless Zone’s hands-on management approach and open customer communication keeps the company on the cutting edge. The brand’s consultative shopping experience will be a key component of the brand’s plan to refocus on technology and, eventually, expand even more.

With more than 11,000 independently owned small agents in the nation, Wireless Zone has successfully catered to mobile phone users all across the country. Doubling in size over the last three years with the addition of 263 locations, Wireless Zone has experienced a great deal of success amidst the mobile technology boom. Soon, that number will grow even more as this new focus begins to take root.

“We’re not looking for expansion just for expansion’s sake,” Downs said. “If you look at any of the metrics, our stores are doing phenomenally well and the opportunity is strong. The right strategy mixed with high demand is why we’re growing.”

With a proactive approach to a constantly shifting technological landscape, Wireless Zone is ready to answer its customers’ calls to action.