Idolize Brows and Beauty Finds Success With New Product Line
Idolize Brows and Beauty Finds Success With New Product Line

Diversifying its already extensive offering through an exclusive line of beauty products has given Idolize a boost in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Idolize Brows and Beauty is quickly becoming a trusted name in the beauty industry with its expansive spa services and exemplary customer service. The brand has taken its already competitive offering to the next level by introducing an exclusive line of high-quality beauty products to continue making customers look and feel their best long after leaving the spa. Since their launch, Idolize's expertly developed product line of Brow Tamer, Brow Definition Powder and Rich Lash Mascara has contributed to the brand’s growing revenue and success.

“People like to feel good and look their best and Idolize is catering to that desire with our new product line,” Idolize founder and CEO Mo Pandoria said. “Since we’ve rebranded, we've seen a massive improvement in our sales and a positive reaction from our loyal clients. They’ve been wowed and are really happy with the services and the products,” he added.

When developing the beauty product line, Idolize’s leadership team knew the offering needed to complement the services that made the brand popular. Idolize was originally conceived as a specialty eyebrow threading service, so the brand created Brow Definition Powder and Brow Tamer products to help its customers complete the look. With the addition of lash extension services to its spa menu, the brand added lengthening and thickening Rich Lash Mascara as an offering.

Brow Definition Powder adds shape and structure to eyebrows and is applied in short strokes in the direction the hair grows using a stiff, angled brush and has become Idolize’s best seller. “Since we started carrying the new products in late 2017, the brow definition powders have done great,” Pandoria said. “It comes in four shades and is great for sparse brows because it darkens and accentuates,” he added. The Brow Tamer is a gel that helps keep stray brow hairs in place and is usually used after a brow powder or pencil to keep color and shape locked in, though it can also be used as a standalone product to perfect structure.

Purwa Shah, an Idolize franchisee in Raleigh, North Carolina, said she was very surprised and impressed by how well the products performed after their launch. “The brow fillers are doing really well,” she said. “The Idolize brand is top notch across the board. Eyebrow gel and mascara included, the products are high quality at an affordable price which makes them more appealing than expensive competitors found at the mall,” Shah added.

A testament to the quality of Idolize’s exclusive array of beauty products is evident through strong sales buoyed by word of mouth. Shah said she’s received a blitz of great customer feedback so far. “I’ve had customers come in and tell me they’ve brought their friends and relatives to buy our products due to their satisfaction,” she said. Pandoria noted that while the products are currently only sold at Idolize locations, their success has compelled the brand to explore making them available for purchase online and expanding the line in the future.