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Jan-Pro is a Low-Cost Franchise With a High Potential Upside

The commercial-cleaning franchise boasts a stable demand in a thriving industry, offering a potentially high return on a modest investment.

Since its founding in 1991, Jan-Pro has distinguished itself as a customer-first commercial cleaning service that holds a high standard for sanitation at a fair price. Through its branded processes, professional-grade cleaning products and cutting-edge technologies, franchisees are able to stand out in a competitive market and grow their business.

It almost goes without saying that cleaning franchise concepts will continue to excel in a post-COVID world. Though commercial cleaning has historically been a lucrative investment for entrepreneurs, equity analysts are predicting that the industry will see a significant boom as offices, gyms, schools and other highly populated public spaces begin to reopen across the country.  

That’s why now, more than ever, folks looking to own their own businesses should consider buying into the cleaning industry and, more specifically, into Jan-Pro. Though some may scoff at the less-than-glamorous industry, cleaning services are reliable franchises due to sanitation demands. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created a world where sanitation is of the absolute necessity and the desire for a higher level of cleanliness is likely here to stay. As long as Americans continue to congregate in public places, there will always be a need for the industry. 

Throughout the pandemic, Jan-Pro employees have remained essential in the fight against the virus, working to clean offices at first notice of an active case and maintaining a safe environment for all involved. "Literally first responders are janitors," Brushaud Callis, owner of a Jan-Pro location in the San Antonio region, told KENS5. "When somebody receives an active case, the first person they're calling is the commercial cleaning business."

What sets Jan-Pro apart from other cleaning franchises is that they continue to innovate and grow with the times. At an initial investment range of $3,985 to $51,605, Jan-Pro offers a low-cost, quality service that can be customized to suit the needs of its varied customers. More specifically, the franchise relies on proprietary practices such as its EnviroShield® disinfecting process — the same cleaning process used to sanitize hospital operating rooms — and utilizes new technologies to ensure customers are left with a sanitary office in a reasonable time. Amid a greater call for corporate America to be “cleaner,” Jan-Pro created the "Cleaning Greener" initiative, which emphasizes the use of cleaning products that require fewer chemicals to clean more.

Jan-Pro has also demonstrated a commitment to growing its employees professionally through regular training. They offer many beneficial internal programs, such as the Jan-Pro Your Family First Scholarship and VetConnection Franchise Opportunities for Veterans, to ensure its employees have the tools to grow and resources they need to enhance their careers. Jan-Pro draws new franchisees each year through its socially conscious-values and outstanding investment in employees.

So if you are looking to buy into a franchise that is customer and employee centered, look no further than Jan-Pro.  With offerings for both master and single-unit franchises, the brand has grown to over 10,000 units throughout the United States and Canada, positioning them for continued success in a post-COVID world.