K-9 Resorts Enters 2017 as the Leader in Luxury Pet Care
K-9 Resorts Enters 2017 as the Leader in Luxury Pet Care

Backed by a growing franchise system and a multi-million dollar investment, the brand is expected to expand its reach in new communities across the country.

Over the course of the past decade, Americans have made one thing clear: caring for man’s best friend is a top priority. Pet care has never been more popular—right now, it’s a $62.75 billion industry. And that number is only expected to climb in the months and years to come.

As demand for top quality pet care continues to grow across the country, there’s one brand bringing an unrivaled level of luxury to the table. K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel offers a one of a kind experience for both dogs and their owners. The brand’s state of the art facilities, which include cage free suites and air control filtration, are built to provide a five-star experience for everyone that walks through its doors. And dog lovers are catching on—not only is the emerging franchise brand consistently recognized as one of the top three luxury pet boarding facilities nationwide, it’s also expanding its reach at an impressive rate.

2016 was an incredibly successful year for K-9 Resorts. The brand took significant steps forward when it comes to franchise development and growth, including signing franchise agreements to open new centers in New Jersey and North Carolina. The brand is also currently seeing a lot of interest in Long Island, New York after hosting a successful in-market discovery day in the area in November.

“It’s an exciting time for the K-9 Resorts brand. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding our franchise opportunity, and we’re expecting to see a lot of movement as we kick off the new year,” said Jason Parker, co-founder and co-CEO of K-9 Resorts. “There’s a strong need for our services in so many communities across the country, and we plan to capitalize on that opportunity by welcoming more franchisees into our growing system.”

To fuel that development, K-9 Resorts also secured a multi-million dollar investment from Navigator Partners, LLC earlier this year. The private equity firm decided to invest and partner with the brand after realizing its potential for success in the untapped pet care segment of the franchising industry. The investment opens the door for K-9 Resorts to build out the best possible corporate support and development team, ultimately enabling it to accelerate its growth.

Teaming up with Navigator Partners, LLC isn’t the only step the brand took in 2016 to further its growth. Internally, K-9 Resorts hosted its first annual conference near the brand’s hometown of Fanwood-Plainfield, New Jersey. With nearly 80 people in attendance, the event brought together franchisees, vendors, suppliers and expert speakers.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better first conference. You could feel the energy and passion in the room—everyone in attendance shared the same goal of helping K-9 Resorts further its position as the leader in luxury pet care,” said Steven Parker, co-founder and co-CEO of K-9 Resorts. “We’re already looking forward to hosting a conference next year that’s even bigger and better.”

As the new year gets under way, K-9 Resorts plans to capitalize on its strong momentum. In 2017, the brand has its sights set on expansion outside of its home base in the Northeast. And within the next five years, K-9 Resorts plans to cross the milestone 100-unit mark.

“By working together with dedicated franchisees, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish as a brand. We’re 100 percent confident that K-9 Resorts will soon be a nationwide household name,” said Jason. “2017 is going to be huge for us—we’re in the perfect position to get out in front of the luxury pet care boom.”