KFC Franchisee Seeks Michelin Star
KFC Franchisee Seeks Michelin Star

The franchisee in remote Alice Springs, Australia actually makes a compelling argument.

If $2 street food vendors can earn Michelin stars, why can’t Colonel Sanders? That’s the question KFC franchisee Sam Edelman is currently asking, reports Yahoo Lifestyle. In fact, it seems he’s aiming higher than just one star.

“The criteria for two stars is ‘excellent cooking worth a detour or exceptional cuisine worth a special journey,’” Edelman told Metro UK, noting that customers come to his Alice Springs, Australia location from 500 to 1,300 kilometers away. “My KFC is the most remote KFC in the world and that’s what sets me apart. I know people make a journey to come to my restaurant. I know that my team put their heart into making the best KFC they can make.”

The 37-year-old has reportedly been with the franchise for 20 years, starting as a cook in high school. 

At press time, Michelin doesn’t publish a guide in Australia. Until that happens, the world is watching.

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