Kitchen Solvers Franchise Looks to Grow in Major Metropolitan Areas
Kitchen Solvers Franchise Looks to Grow in Major Metropolitan Areas

Remodeling experts expect great growth in 2016.

Kitchen Solvers has its sights set on big growth as it moves into the fourth quarter and beyond to next year.

Zach Nolte, the director of operations for Kitchen Solvers, said the brand is looking at several major metropolitan areas that can provide a great opportunity for franchisees.

“Indianapolis is one city we are eager to get into,” he said. “It’s a very favorable market for us. Houston also is appealing right now, as is the Pittsburgh area, which has a great demographic for us.”

Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in the country. It was recently ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the best downtowns in the country with movie theaters, museums, art galleries, parks, shops and entertainment, and its greater area has seen moderate growth in the past few years. The 2010 Census placed the population of Indianapolis at 829,718. The number has grown slowly but steadily, adding about 8,000 people per year, and the 2013 population of Indianapolis was estimated at 838,000.

According to Nolte, Kitchen Solvers likes to get a toehold in an area and then spread from there.

“Once we get a presence, we can grow from there," said Nolte. "It’s easier to sell franchises at that point and we also have a network of happy franchisees who can talk about the brand and why it works for them.” 

The kitchen remodeling expert is a great fit for smart franchisees who work hard and are committed to giving people great kitchens.

“We have a great team. We support each other,” said Nolte. “The franchisees have each other’s backs. Other places don’t have that level of participation and support.”

Kitchen Solvers has 60 franchises now and is hoping for at least 10 more next year. The company is moving quickly toward a healthy 12 to 15 percent growth on franchise sales, making this a profitable model.

The brand also is rolling out a new marketing campaign. Nolte notes it’s not a rebranding, but a “spicing-up of the look of our marketing materials to give people the feel of who we are.”

The new look is sophisticated with a touch of modernity. Franchisees have been offering positive feedback on the new business cards, postcard mailers and more.

“We’re ready to grow and we think 2016 will be a booming year for us,” he said.