Lane Fisher: Legal Eagle of Franchising
Lane Fisher: Legal Eagle of Franchising

Partner at FisherZucker has the bona fides brands are looking for.

No franchise brand wants to see the inside of a courtroom, but those that end up there should want a legal eagle like Lane Fisher at their sides.
Fisher currently represents more than 75 franchise brands, assisting in everything from business transactions to litigation. His reputation as a franchise legal expert began in 1989, when he launched his private practice. Eventually he started serving on the franchise law committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association and Philadelphia Bar Association, as well as the forum committee on franchising for the American Bar Association.
Not enough bona fides for you? Fisher also serves as a member of the International Franchise Association’s Board of Directors in addition to the FranPAC advisory board. And, of course, there’s the fact that he’s been named one of the “Top 100 Franchise Attorneys” by Franchise Times.
Besides his many years of experience in the franchise world, one factor that puts Fisher a cut above the crowd is his ability to anticipate which way the wind is blowing, forecasting the different directions a constantly changing franchise industry is moving in.
For instance, in 2012, Fisher told Inc. Magazine he predicted growth in outsourcing amongst franchise brands for services like collections and marketing. Meanwhile, he also forecast significant growth in franchise units from existing owners.
“More than 50 percent of growth of most brands comes from existing franchisees, especially as the system matures,” he said.
Fisher also predicted the franchising industry’s increased focus on multi-unit operators years before it became the norm.
"Demand is still high for those kinds of people," Fisher told Entrepreneur Magazine. "In fact, there's a whole cottage industry that's developed around finding them. They have expansion dollars - that solves a big part of the crisis."It’s this foresight that has helped raise Fisher up as one of the most powerful people in franchising.