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Why Choose Lawn Doctor?
We All Have Choices - Why Lawn Doctor Matters
About Us

Since the company was founded in 1967, Lawn Doctor has worked to bring advanced technology and superior service to the lawn care industry. With over 570 franchise locations and over 200 Strategic Partners spanning 40 states, the business continues to expand and so do the opportunities for Lawn Doctor strategic partners.

Our Model
Lawn Doctor's recurring revenue model has proven to be invaluable. By focusing on high-demand and repeat services like lawn fertilization, weed control, mosquito/tick control and more, one-time customer acquisitions consistently lead to repeat business. With the rise in dual-income homeowners and the do-it-yourself mindset falling to the wayside, the grass continues to look greener for Lawn Doctor's future.
The Investment

Lawn Doctor offers a low-investment franchise opportunity compared to other concepts in its category. Initial total investment for a single territory ranges from $100,015 to $116,065.

A Lawn Doctor franchise remains a low-cost investment because:  

  • No retail location
  • Limited infrastructure and equipment
  • Limited initial staffing 


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How Much Money Can I Make With Lawn Doctor?

The Average Net Revenues (all territories combined) for 2018 was $715,399*. 

*This information can be found in the Lawn Doctor Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) under Item 19, specifically Table D, which comprises Net Revenues information for 2018 for Strategic-Partners that operated Lawn Doctor Businesses for at least 2 full years as of the end of the year. Some Lawn Doctor Businesses have sold this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.

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