Top 5 Reasons to Invest in LIME Painting
Top 5 Reasons to Invest in LIME Painting

LIME Painting currently has few to no competitors within its multi-billion dollar industry.

LIME Painting is the premier comprehensive one-stop shop for quality painting, custom coatings and restoration solutions for high-end properties. It’s also the only painting and contracting franchise company to service high-end custom properties. Since LIME’s market is made up of affluent homes and LIME offers more than just paint, the average account value is four times the industry average. 

Contrary to its name, LIME Painting is much more than just painting. It also caters to wear and tear maintenance, construction, repainting and even complete restoration. LIME Painting does it all on time, on scope and on budget.

1) The Luxury Home Market is Recession-Resistant

LIME Painting has differentiated itself as a luxury, holistic service provider in the high-end market in a $400 billion industry with no national competitors. Having worked in the painting industry his whole college career, founder of LIME Painting Nick Lopez, saw an opportunity for improvement in the luxury painting market. High-end properties were lacking high-quality painting services. Lopez was able to take advantage of this knowledge and implement his background experience to build a recession-resistant business that provided a solid solution solely catered to high-end properties. 

“Our customer demographic is multi-million-dollar homeowners. Our consumer buys on value, not price. Since they have more discretionary income, even when the economy is suffering, they are still capable of maintaining their highest-valued assets. It makes the model relatively recession-resistant,” explained Lopez.

2) Training and Support from the Founder for First 15 Franchisees

LIME Painting provides exceptional support to its franchisees, especially the first 15, as signing on early comes with many perks and benefits. The first 15 franchisees have the ultimate selection of prime territories, cheaper costs, direct access to the founders and the ability to make an impact and have an early decision-making influence. Lopez himself will also be onboarding these early adopters and provide unprecedented support throughout their journey.

“I’ve done $7.5 million in gross sales, with $1.8 million in gross profit. Most other trainers can’t say that,” explained Lopez. Having results-based numbers under his belt, Lopez is dedicated and determined to help the early adopter franchisees by personally guiding them towards a successful business. 

3) Executives on Team with Over 100 years of Franchising Experience

LIME Painting may be a newer franchise concept, but it has 100+ solid years of collective franchise support experience. Along with its impressive amount of franchise experience, LIME Painting also has an exceptional leadership team. 

“Rick Grossman grew two national franchise companies himself, and with the second one, he was able to grow to over 150 units in less than three years,” said Lopez “He also co-authored The Franchise Bible, published by Entrepreneur magazine. Our COO is Carolyn Miller, who has worked with companies like Cici’s Pizza, Taco Bell, Chipotle and McDonald’s. While at McDonald’s, Carolyn was head of operations and set up 1,000 units within 5 years. Our CFO, Jack Pearce, occupied the same role as CFO with several companies that were acquired for a total of half a billion in acquisition. Our CMO/CTO, Rob Gandley, has been in franchise related software marketing and SEO for the past two decades.”

4) Rapidly Growing Emerging Brand

LIME Painting uses its proprietary software as a way for franchisees to rely on a centralized platform that encompasses the ins and outs of their local market and business. The technology platform, LIMEWare, serves as not only a hub for franchisees, but it is also made available for customer use. Lopez describes the painting industry as “old-school” but is rapidly growing his brand by incorporating technology and modern marketing into the space.

“In LIMEWare, we offer apparel and marketing assets for franchisees,” said Lopez. “There is an account management feature for a sales and production standpoint, and then homeowners can also download a local app and our business management platform so they can view invoices, check on production posts and updates, and do all that from an application. It is essentially a 3-in-1 asset because it has a customer-facing sales platform, a business-facing content management system, and a customer-facing content management system.” 

5) Development Availability in Key Growth Markets

LIME Painting has identified California as a key state for franchising due to its booming economy, high concentration of multi-million-dollar properties and temperate climate ideal for delivering outdoor services year-round. The luxury painting service franchise is looking to award territories in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Linton Dowling, Marketing Director of RainTree, the franchise development consulting firm which represents LIME Painting, shared his thoughts on California being identified as a key state for franchising, “California is an ideal market for LIME Painting because the temperate climate allows a franchisee to generate revenue 365 days a year.” Dowling continued by stating that, “California currently has the fifth-largest economy in the world. There is a high concentration of millionaires and billionaires in places like Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego who want to make a quality investment in the appearance and integrity of their homes.”

The franchise specializes in custom coating and restoration of the high-end stucco, modern contemporary and beautiful historic homes that California is known for. Additionally, the brand specializes in unique commercial properties, from resorts to country clubs to restaurants that require custom stains, lacquers, epoxies and enamels.

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