Top-Performing LIME Painting Franchise Brings High-End Service to High-End Homes
Top-Performing LIME Painting Franchise Brings High-End Service to High-End Homes

The custom home services brand utilizes an advisor model, an expert team of skilled artisans and premium tools for second-to-none home improvement.

Custom painting service franchise LIME Painting knows that a traditional “Superman” model won’t cut it when it comes to caring for and elevating the high-end homes of its discerning clientele. Instead of competitors’ typical “one guy for everything” approach—wherein a single individual acts as contractor, administrator, HR, quality control and more—LIME Painting utilizes a team of skilled craftsmen and artisans to deliver exceptional service. The franchise brand’s expert team and detail-oriented approach to homes means that LIME Painting has emerged as “the Cadillac of contracting and paint companies,” according to Denver’s LIME Painting general manager Tyler Fuss.

Focusing on the top five percent of the residential and commercial demographic in a given market, LIME Painting offers speciality service for custom homes. Fuss emphasized that “LIME Painting is a great choice for folks that want great attention to detail and a metric approach. They want a seamless process with world-class customer service, and that’s what we deliver.”

Fuss, who operates the Denver LIME Painting service with brand founder and CEO Nick Lopez, said that this means that other painting and contracting companies really can’t stack up.

“Our advisor model differentiates us from others,” Fuss explained. “In conjunction with Lopez, I help train account managers, and then our account managers assess and audit jobs with the clients. They’re the ones doing estimates and putting forth that face-to-face time with the clients.”

Having account managers serving as the advisors for clients contributes to a seamless home improvement process, said Fuss, because “clients don’t have to petition for the time of contractors working on multiple projects; [the account manager] is someone whose exclusive job is customer service.”

Additionally, Fuss’s LIME Painting team includes a production coordinator whose exclusive role is to use his knowledge of the craft to audit contracted jobs to ensure quality.

“Our production coordinator here in Denver really has an eye for it. He knows what he’s doing, and he makes sure we’re only vetting the best talent in the area,” Fuss said.

Leading talent and quality are non-negotiable to LIME Painting, not only given the brand’s commitment to exceptional service, but also because LIME Painting understands the needs of their consumer and the investment they’ve made in their home.

“LIME Painting’s unique position in the market is that they’re not a commodity painter,” said Carolyn Miller, the Chief Operating Officer for Shepherd Brands, the franchise development company that has partnered with LIME Painting. “Lime focuses on the high-end market. These homes oftentimes feature stucco, wood, masonry, flagstone patios, grout—all elements that mean that a LIME Painting team is really working on priming the base areas so they’re not just painting over a faltered surface.

LIME Painting team members therefore make sure that the foundation of any given home is prepped properly with quality materials, high-end paints and primers. Fuss elaborated on this point, explaining that every project LIME Painting partners on begins with a comprehensive analysis of the home that truly leaves no stone unturned.

“We provide an action plan as to how to re-establish the integrity in one of our clients’ most valued assets, and then execute and follow through with the client to guarantee their satisfaction throughout each stage of the project,” said Fuss.

Diligent client advisors plus leading artisans and craftsmen provide a stellar foundation for LIME Painting’s custom home services, but there’s one remaining element: exceptional franchisees.

“Training is a huge part of the equation for each client we represent under Shepherd Brands,” said Miller. “LIME Painting franchisees engage in quality training, leadership development, and have access to a learning management system.” Miller said that LIME couples extensive franchisee support with a discerning approach to ensure the brand delivers.

“From a consumer perspective, it’s important to note: LIME Painting franchisees are business owners, not artisans. They don’t do the work on your home—a leading team of craftsmen do. That way, everyone supports the project in their area of expertise.”

The result of this quality-centric approach?

LIME Painting “is one of the leading brands in the franchise space for high-end painting,” said Miller.

“LIME gets fantastic customer reviews and has a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau,” Miller said. “And LIME Painting’s homeowners own million dollar homes and they really care about the quality of service they receive. Then, when a LIME Painting team has done a great job, the homeowner has the opportunity to share that with others in their neighborhood.”

LIME Painting’s stellar reviews and referrals demonstrate the success of the brand’s offering and model.

Asked what he would most want consumers to keep in mind, Fuss is emphatic.

“We do more than just paint—we work on custom homes,” said Fuss. “People go with us because we do a high-end, highly detailed job and do the job right for a seamless project for the client. And we are client-focused every step of the way.”


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