Live To Tell | August 16, 2019
Live To Tell | August 16, 2019

The underground story of business, entrepreneurs and influencers.

On this week's episode of Live To Tell, Nick and Cassie debate whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Kim Kardashian has more clout on social media, weigh the long-term benefits of the cashless movement and analyze Macy's latest pivot to survivie the retail apocalypse.

Fantastic: The Taco Bell Pop-Up Hotel is Now Open—And It's a Branding Masterpiece

Celebrity: Stacker Ranks the Top 50 Most Influential Celebs on Social Media

Cash Money: Sam's Club's Looks to Simplify Transactions with Cashierless, Cashless Store Now Open in Dallas

Forward Thinking: Macy's Plan to Survive the Retail Apocalypse: Getting Into the Clothing Subscription and Resale Game

Friend or Foe: Snap's $380 Camera Sunglasses... Why?