Live To Tell | June 21, 2019
Live To Tell | June 21, 2019

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Talk About It

Fantastic: Potbelly’s UberConference Takeover

If you’re like us and conference calls are a regular part of your work day, your Tuesday calls around the lunch hour were probably a little more exciting than usual. The culprit? Potbelly Sandwich Shop, who partnered with UberConference by Dialpad, created some hilarious hold music in an effort to remind everyone that the lunch hour is the time to “eat, not meet.”

Celebrity: Popeyes Honors Zion Williamson

The NBA Draft was yesterday, but there was little-to-no mystery surrounding who the New Orleans Pelicans would take with the No.1 overall pick. Duke forward Zion Willamson is a physical specimen and arguably a generational talent, and New Orleans-based chicken chain Popeyes was ready to celebrate. Ahead of Williamson’s arrival, Popeyes announced the release of the Wingspan Box—a 6-foot-10 portion of fried chicken that matches the length of Williamson’s fingertip-to-fingertip measurements—at its Canal Street location in New Orleans.  

Cash Money: Netflix’s Murder Mystery

Have you watched ‘Murder Mystery’ on Netflix? If so, you’re in good company—Netflix revealed on Tuesday that its latest original film starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler had the biggest opening weekend of any Netflix film ever, drawing over 30.8 million views in its first three days on the platform. Normally not one to share numbers, Netflix is beginning to pull back the curtain in an attempt to assert itself among the Hollywood powers that be trying to discredit it as a viable original content creator.

Forward Thinking: YouTube’s Augmented Reality Makeup Test

YouTube is rolling out a service where users can virtually try on makeup through augmented reality. AR Beauty Try-On, as the platform is named, allows a user viewing a makeup tutorial video to test how a shade of lipstick looks on them before giving them the option to purchase. MAC Cosmetics is the first company to launch a campaign.

Friend or Foe: Civic Honesty

Arguably nothing poses more of an ethical conundrum than finding a wallet full of cash. Do you do the responsible thing and dutifully seek out its rightful owner, or do you pocket the cash and keep moving? In a surprising result that even economists didn’t predict, a recent study found that most of us are actually more inclined to listen to our conscience than take the money and run. Civic honesty: friend or foe?

Heating Up

In a disaster or a tough situation, we’re presented with three options: fight, flight or freeze. Which are you choosing? In his latest column for 1851 Franchise, No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills argues that in many challenging scenarios, it isn’t the situation that causes the outcome—it’s the response. In business just as much as in life, Powills notes, it’s important to remember your action in a situation will all but assuredly dictate the next reaction.