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Look Up! Your Next Meal May Be Arriving Via Drone

The FAA has granted drone food delivery approval in North Carolina.

The future is getting closer and closer every day. While QSR and fast casual brands are constantly looking for the newest technology to stay ahead of the delivery curve, customers are always waiting for faster turnaround times. Now, drones are bringing the delivery game to a whole new, Jetsons-type level. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Israeli dronemaker Flytrex and North Carolina-based drone services firm Causey Aviation Unmanned approval for a drone-based food delivery pilot. The team will deliver food via drone in Holly Springs, North Carolina, as part of the FAA's UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) program, following a single fixed route.

While this is new on this side of the pond, Iceland has been drone-delivering food since 2017 with Flytrex. Amazon’s recent Prime Air is set to deliver packages by drone within the coming months. In June, Uber received permission from the FAA to test drone delivery in San Diego, with an initial test phase including Uber Eats’ partner McDonald’s. Domino’s even flew a pizza via drone in 2016, and Pieology followed suit last year. 

Of course, this kind of delivery comes with a whole slew of logistical complications, including how to physically drop off the food and how to involve restaurant staff. Only time will tell if drones will become the new pizza delivery boys. 

Still, the big question remains—what do you tip a drone?