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Marketing and Sales Teams Should Unite

Too often, two teams that are essential to growth butt heads.

There are no secrets in franchise growth. The same dictum has always been true: franchisees sell franchises.

And what sells franchisees? Great product/service, great vision, aligned financials, right territory availability and the big one: validation.

Where does marketing play into this?

  1. Product: Continued pivoting and adaptation to ensure a point of differentiation in the marketplace
  2. Vision: A strong consumer marketing strategy that is tried and measured.
  3. Financials: Great tools to drive customers into the business.
  4. Territory: By doing the above well, market penetration will tighten.
  5. Validation: Support to franchisees, who will, naturally, tell you they are all marketing geniuses but don’t have a clue of where to start.

So, the answer: Marketing plays into all of this.

Yet, more times than not, marketing and sales butts heads. 

Who can fix this?

The CEO and COO.

It’s interesting when the fight is so sound between franchise sales and marketing, especially when both departments will decline if both don’t work harmoniously.

When franchise buyers believe you understand how to market to your prospect, they buy. And as a franchise, you should feel proud of telling buyers that you are an investment opportunity. This should happen within your four walls, productively on your digital footprint (website and social) and in your PR.

Find me a brand where the two departments don’t work together, and I will show you a brand that is leaving its chips on the table.