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How Strong Community Partnerships Drive Mathnasium Franchisee Success

Engaging with their local communities has helped Mathnasium franchise owners grow their centers while supporting students in need of math tutoring.

Mathnasium Learning Centers, the renowned math tutoring franchise with over 1,100 locations worldwide, encourages all of its franchise owners to get involved in the local communities they serve — and the results benefit both the community and individual franchisees.

 For Mathnasium franchisees such as Laura Hamel and Nicki Atwood, these partnerships are the cornerstone of their efforts to bring math education closer to the hearts of local students.

Laura Hamel: Bridging Math and Activities for Fun Learning

 Hamel, who operates Mathnasium centers in Miami and Washington, D.C. with her husband Jonathan, believes in blending math education with community engagement. Recently, Mathnasium locations in the District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area got to partner with the Washington Wizards NBA team.

 "Our partnership with the Washington Wizards has been a game-changer,” Hamel said. “It's not just about promoting our brand; it's about making math fun and accessible for families."

 Mathnasium organized interactive math stations during the game, where kids were able to solve math problems and win prizes.

 "It's a win-win," Hamel said. "We get to promote math education while families enjoy a day out watching their favorite team."

 Additionally, Hamel’s centers host STEM nights and math competitions in local schools, aiming to make math enjoyable for students.

 "By providing positive math experiences, we’re going beyond tutoring kids — we’re building their confidence and love for math," she said.

 Another way the Hamels engage with the community is through sponsoring community 5K runs, where Mathnasium sets up interactive math-related activities for participants. These activities provide a fun and engaging way for children to interact with math concepts after completing the run, further reinforcing the importance of math in everyday life.

 This Mathnasium location has also participated at local events like those hosted at the National Cathedral in Washington. These events, reminiscent of carnivals, bring together families, grandparents and young children from the community for a day of fun and entertainment. Through these partnerships, Hamel says that Mathnasium increases its visibility while contributing to the vibrancy of community life.

Nicki Atwood: From Instructor to Community Leader

 Nicki Atwood's journey with Mathnasium shows the power of community-focused leadership. Starting as an instructor in 2013, Atwood rose through the ranks to become a franchisee and co-owner.

 "I've always been passionate about making a difference,” Atwood said. “As a franchisee, I can amplify my impact and reach thousands of students."

 Like the Hamels, a recent highlight for Atwood’s centers was the partnership with the Washington Wizards.

 "Our Math Day at the Wizards' stadium is a perfect example of synergy between franchisees and corporate support," Atwood said. "It's about bringing math to life in unexpected places and inspiring kids to see the magic in numbers."

 Community engagement is a core focus for Atwood's Mathnasium center: Each center director is tasked with fostering local neighborhood relationships. This primarily involves establishing partnerships with schools to organize Math Night programs that provide students with enjoyable math experiences and fun games. Additionally, the center collaborates with various organizations such as libraries, scout troops and local diners to extend its reach and connect with families.

 These initiatives aim to alleviate the burden on overworked school staff by offering low-effort enrichment activities and events, with Mathnasium providing all necessary supplies and support at no cost to the partners.

 Partnering with Title I schools is another significant aspect of Atwood’s community outreach efforts. These schools, which serve less fortunate communities, often reach out to Mathnasium requesting Math Nights. By hosting these events, Mathnasium sparks interest in other area schools, leading to a ripple effect of positive engagement.

 How These Partnerships Fuel Center Awareness

 The schools and students, of course, aren’t the only beneficiaries. These community partnerships fuel business growth for franchisees.

 “As we build students’ confidence and love for math, we also build our brand and attract more families to our centers," Hamel said.

For franchisees like the Hamels and Atwood, community partnerships serve as catalysts for expansion. By fostering strong ties within local communities and showcasing Mathnasium's commitment to educational excellence, these partnerships pave the way for sustained franchise success and even potential expansion.

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