McAlister’s Deli® Catering Earns Rave Reviews from Customers and Provides Additional Revenue for Franchisees
McAlister’s Deli® Catering Earns Rave Reviews from Customers and Provides Additional Revenue for Franchisees

Popular catering site, ezCater, Inc., gives McAlister’s Deli® a 100% On-Time Rating and 4.6 out of 5 stars based on nearly 9,500 reviews

“The boxed lunches were the perfect thing for our meeting today. The guests loved it!” - Tiffany in West Columbus, SC

“Good food, on time, the potato bar was a good change from sandwiches” - DH in Augusta, GA

“The roast beef served for dinner was juicy and tender. Great dinner.” - Juliel in Chantilly, VA

“The very best caterers for breakfast!! Always on time no matter how early!!” - Melanie in Orlando, FL


What the eZCater.com reviews above have in common is that they were all written recently. What they don’t have in common is the location, the meal time, and the meal type. Which shows that no matter what, when, and where they order, customers love the catering options and experience McAlister’s Deli provides and the way the order was executed.

What’s more, ezCater is only one method of catering offered at McAlister’s Deli restaurants. Customers can also contact their local restaurant directly to place orders.

“One thing we’re proud of is that we provide our franchisees multiple avenues to reach offsite customers with large volume transactions. By having strong breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, franchisees are set up with a system that allows them to do the equivalent of far more than seven days of normal business in a single week. Also, despite the different restaurants and meal times, our customer feedback shows that our system works and works well,” said Paul Macaluso, President of McAlister’s Deli.

One of the strongest value propositions that McAlister’s Deli offers to franchisees is the design of the menu, which extends favorably to catering. Whereas most other concepts in the segment are mostly limited to the lunch crowd, McAlister’s menu options are hearty enough to serve for dinner. With breakfast options, snacks, and desserts as well, the menu fosters repeat orders, allowing customers to rely on McAlister’s as a single source for all meal times and options.

“When it comes to delis, it's hard for any one sandwich place to stand out from the crowd, but McAlister's Deli rises above the usual fare to serve up a few surprises. Not only are they a good value for the money, but McAlister's is often willing to deliver for smaller groups of 8 to 10 - although they can easily handle orders for much larger groups as well,” says a testimonial from ezCater.

Whether serving its sandwich trays, box lunches, breakfast, salads, snacks and breaks, spud bars, beverages, or desserts, McAlister’s provides its franchisees with unparalleled training and support to franchisees that helps owners take the genuine hospitality and service offered in the restaurant out of their four walls and deliver these quantities directly to offsite customers. By bringing its offerings to more offsite diners who may not have yet experienced McAlister’s, each restaurant is expanding its customer base with every offsite order.

Qualifying criteria to become a multi-unit franchisee with McAlister’s Deli includes a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, with approximately $750,000 in liquid assets, previous multi-unit restaurant experience, and a commitment to executing to brand standards and offering genuine hospitality.


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