McDonald's Announces Achievement of Sustainability Milestone
McDonald's Announces Achievement of Sustainability Milestone

Now, over 80 percent of coffee served in U.S. McDonald’s restaurants comes from sustainable sources.

McDonald’s has reached a major coffee sustainability milestone. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand has announced that 84 percent of McCafé coffee in U.S. restaurants officially comes from sustainable sources. On a worldwide scale, the same can be said for 54 percent. The brand aims to reach 100 percent globally by 2020.

The brand is also taking steps to help coffee farmers access the tools necessary to protect their crops from climate change. This is being achieved through partnerships with organizations including Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, Solidaridad, COSA and Fair Trade International.

“We know many people enjoy coffee as part of their daily routine, and, at McDonald’s, we are taking meaningful steps to support farmers protecting it from climate change. As we continue on our journey to build a better McDonald’s, we are using our size and scale to implement significant changes that are important to our customers, our people and the environment,” said Director of U.S. Supply Chain Sustainability, Townsend Bailey.

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Photo Courtesy of @RB_Magazine on Twitter