McDonald's Won't Cave to the Plant-Based Movement... Yet
McDonald's Won't Cave to the Plant-Based Movement... Yet

Despite the rise in vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options being added by its competitors, McDonald’s plans to stand its ground amid the plant-based craze for now.

At the McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting this week, plant-based protein options were front and center. According to a recent CNBC article, though, the brand has no plans to move forward with adding any new vegetarian- and vegan-friendly items to its menu at this time.

The article did note that McDonald’s is monitoring the plant-based meat alternatives, but has instead prioritized menu simplification by removing its line of Signature Crafted sandwiches and burgers and allowing franchisees to scale back the all-day breakfast menu.

“We obviously have to assess whether consumer demand [would be at a] level we believe would be sustained and make the right decision based on how the model works and the important complex considerations of our restaurant,” McDonald’s global CMO Silvia Lagnado said at the meeting, per the article.

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