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McDonald's Just Upped the Ante for Drive-Thrus

Just when we thought fast food chains couldn’t get any more convenient.

Not only are restaurants constantly cooking up new menu items for their customers–– they’re also always strategizing new delivery methods. According to Forbes, McDonald’s may have just paved the way for the future of fast food restaurants with their new to-go London store that strictly serves food without the seating. The rollout comes a few months after a similar “Experience of the Future” location was unveiled in NYC’s Times Square.

Drive-thrus are officially the so-yesterday way to nosh McDonald’s recently opened its to-go-only restaurant in London which features rows of touch screen ordering kiosks so guests can minimize actual human interaction even more. Now customers are able to order and customize their food without having the fear of someone else messing up their order, or asking how their day is going. 

McDonald’s has also made tweaks to the menu that are featured at the to-go location. The streamlined menu will only feature staple favorites such as fries, chicken nuggets and the world famous Big Mac. With kiosks replacing the work of humans, all the employees at this location will be working in the back to get the food prepped, packed and served.

Other restaurants such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut have appealed to customers with their fresh and innovative delivery ideas. The London location was a great market for this new technology because “the streets are full of professionals, city-dwellers and tourists who are anxious to fuel up and keep going,” according to Forbes.

Who knew McDonald’s was this tech-savvy? We’re lovin’ it.

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